– Timeline

From November to January period will be our development phase,

as we aim to get our full platform up by February. Therefore, marketing, activity and trading volume will be reduced.

– MVP product development

This has already been stopped. However, the MVP is still functional, but we will not be improving on it any further. This is to allow us to focus all our resources on finishing up the full product development.

– Contest

Our current Twitter contest is still ongoing, led by Justin. The contest details can be found on Discord. Kindly feel free to participate by joining our discord channel.

We are also building the discord group as it allows a lower likelihood of scams and to allow better information flow, in addition to the preparation down the road for our NFT launch.


We have looked into NFTs for some time and because it is on a different network that we are building on, which is likely to be Solana. The NFT launch will be conducted after product launch.


Bridging will be done after the full platform launch. Bridging allows other networks to purchase our CANDY tokens as CANDY is currently only on the BSC network. Bridging CANDY into other networks suchs as ETH, SOLANA, CARDANO will allow us to tap into new demographics of users.

-Liquidity Pool Unlock

TVL LP of 800 BNB will be unlocked and released in mid December

Therefore as mentioned before in our previous AMA, we will be adding this BNB into CANDY LP over time.

As of now we have added over 200+ BNB into our LP and over 10 million CANDY tokens.

Why will TVL LP be added over time?

We want to add into the LP on the uptrend in order for us to not make the LP so heavy that it is hard to move. I am sure that we would all prefer to see a 100x then a 10x moon.

Take note the Liquidity pool consists of adding into exchanges as well. Therefore we would not need to sell any tokens to create a LP for CEXs, just like what we did for Probit.

In addition, since the LP will be added over time, we will have to relocate the resources efficiently. Thus we will be staking the bulk of it into Binance staking pool for growth and the rest into marketing for TripCandy. This way,  $CANDY’s token price will increase and price stability will improve as the liquidity pool is add directly and indirectly, through marketing and generating trading volume which, again, increases our liquidity pool.

– Exchange listing

We are still currently deciding on the next exchange listing. (Likely, HotBit). We would also like to reiterate that a new CEX listing DOES NOT MEAN THAT PRICE WILL DEFINITELY INCREASE. Most of the time, listing in an exchange due to front running would cause a dip. The purpose for $CANDY to list into more CEXs is to facilitate the ease of purchase of our CANDY tokens to a wider crypto audience.

– Product Development

On our next AMA, we aim to provide a sneak peak of our upcoming full booking platform. However, all sneak peaks may have slight variations from the actual product and are subject to changes.

CANDY tokens earned in our MVP will be ported over to the full platform, for our users who have already earned CANDY on our MVP platform.

– Marketing plans

Our brand awareness will be conducted along this timeline ( which may change in sequence )

Based on our timeline, we will be releasing a preview of our full platform -> Airdrop -> 2nd CEX -> Press release then lastly product launch.

– Memberships & Staking

For our full platform, TripCandy will have different membership tiers that give different kinds of perks and rewards. This membership tier is determined by the amount of CANDY you stake on TripCandy platform and the NFT that we will be releasing later 


We will be moving the reflections model into the staking model, which means that when the time comes, we will be switching away from the reflections system and only CANDY  tokens that are staked will earn the reflections + interest.

Take note: Staking will have a lock up period in order for you to earn CANDY interest.

(For those who are unsure what staking is, it is like depositing your money into a bank, locking it up and earning interest.)


Can we earn candy when paying with another crypto?

When the full platform is up, we will accept a lot more range of coins and tokens. Whatever rewards received regardless of payment method will be in candy tokens, this earned CANDY will be store into your TripCandy account wallet that can then be transferred out.

Will candy be used to buy food when travelling around the world?

Tripcandy’s vision is to create a world where crypto is fun, safe and simple. To achieve that vision, we will try to cover as much utility as possible related to travelling, so likely there will be a day where candy can be used to buy food and other Goods & Services over time. We believe we should grow like amazon and ultimately dominate the travel industry with hotels, bars, restaurants, but we have to operate in phases, while see how well crypto is adopted.

Explain TripCandy travel debit card?

TripCandy Debit card will come after the full platform is up. We have an iOS and Android app platform for debit card to make it more secure. Purpose of debit is for easy conversion of CANDY into fiat. Priority is to be able to spend the debit card anywhere around the world to improve the ease of travel.

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