Welcome, all to the 1st AMA of the year 2022 & a Happy New Year to all!
A quick reminder that our AMAs have moved from weekly to bi-weekly to monthly and now, quarterly.
As mentioned before, this is to make sure we are focusing our time on the right areas of the business

We have accomplished over 90% of our 2021 road map set at the start of the project. However, do remember that roadmaps are guidelines or goals for our team to accomplish and not set as guaranteed milestones.

RoadMap Achievements

Q2: Completed private sale, pre-sale, airdrop, partnerships, listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, acquired a huge following in Twitter(influencers), good YouTube reviews

Q3: Launched TripCandy MVP, achieved 500k wishlist on CoinMarketCap for brand awareness, achieved 2 more partnerships with hotelbeds.com And Klook

Q4: Acquired Binance content strategist as an advisor, More than 15k Telegram members, listed on Probit exchange (our first centralized exchange), released $CANDY video, 2 more YT reviews, Twitter followers up again

There are 2 milestones that we narrowly missed.
-25k Members for telegram
Our peak was 24k members, where we missed by 1k members.
However, we still aim to achieve this again this coming quarter.

-OnRamp direct purchase for CANDY through CreditCard.
Due to current Singapore regulations relating to the payment services act, we have to put this on hold till further notice

New RoadMap

New Roadmap Release

Our new roadmap will span until Q3 2022

Booking Platform
Our booking platform will launch this quarter.
Our launching process will again be open to beta-testers before the public launch.
We will drop a form to select participants for the beta testing process when the time draws nearer.

Sample Demo was shown during discord

Centralized Exchange
We will continue working towards getting into more CEX. This will be a passive ongoing effort. If we manage to be listed on any, it will always be announced on Telegram and Twitter.

-This quarter we will be transiting from token or project marketing for investors and shift a majority of this focus to marketing the business aspect of the project; which is to acquire as many customers as possible for our platform.

There will be a new Airdrop on CMC, with new guidelines that we are going to implement to make it fair and to prevent abuse.

Marketing for Business.
-Facebook, Instagram, and Google. (Social Media)
-Press releases and content (SEO)
-Influencer (branding)

-Once our platform is up, it will be a while before we start accepting CANDY as payment. But once we do, there will be a change in TAX from 10% to 3% for selling and transfer tax.

Referral Program
-Our referral program will be unique and allow you to earn commission from your peers per booking, up to 3 levels(tiers). This means you can potentially earn more CANDY as your friends around you continue booking on our platform.

Membership, NFT, Staking, and Bridging
-More information on these details will be released at a later date.

What is pre-launch Airdrop?
This airdrop is to announce our platform launch and get brand awareness.

Are the tokens safe on your platform?
Yes, we are using a 3rd party to hold the internal wallets on our platform, which is Binance itself. So we have triple-A grade security.

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