How To Celebrate Christmas From Wherever You Are

Christmas time is here, but with the rise of yet another COVID-19 variant, it may threaten your plans to visit your family. Some of you may want to self isolate to protect your immunologically vulnerable family members, while others may be less lucky to be stuck across borders, unable to visit your family members abroad. Whatever the circumstances, your Christmas mood may have been heavily damped, and we sympathise with the frustrations people may experience being stranded away from their family this supposedly jolly holly season, so let’s take a look at a few ways to make the most out of a terrible situation, and see how we can celebrate Christmas from wherever we are.

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Video Calling Your Loved Ones

Video calling isn’t the same as being physically there and hugging and laughing together. You’re limited to a 2D screen and a view based on where they’re pointing the camera, but hey, it’s better than nothing. At the very least, you’re able to see your loved ones, and they’re able to see you. It’s also more meaningful to be able to hear how they’re doing, rather than to read their texts off your screen. If you’re stranded this Christmas season, make the most of your very bad circumstances and celebrate virtually with your loved ones!

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Celebrate With The People Around You

What if you live in a different timezone altogether such that it’s virtually impossible to be able to celebrate Christmas together with your loved ones back home? You can always celebrate with the people around you! Share the Christmas Spirit with those living right next to you or near you and give them some small gifts, talk to them, or maybe even celebrate them if it’s safe to do so. Maybe this could be an opportunity to make more friends, and who knows? Maybe this one event can help you make a new friend for life, and become a story of how you made the most out of a terrible situation a decade down the road.

Visit Local Attractions And Rediscover Your Area

Who says you can only be a tourist of other countries or states? Take some time off this festive season and rediscover your area! Maybe visit the more popular attractions and learn about why tourists like to visit so much back in the pre-covid days. Maybe you can also discover the history and significance of your area or state or country during a major world event that you didn’t learn about before. You can also now brag to your friends about your newfound knowledge that you didn’t need to know, but now you can say that you do!

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Participate In A Secret Santa 

Christmas is about the gift or giving, or something like that I think. Why not spread the Christmas joy and participate in a Secret Santa event? For all our readers who haven’t heard of it, secret santa is where you join a group and everyone draws a participant’s name, but you don’t know who drew your name. You then have to get a gift for your recipient based on what you think they would want. Some groups also practice indicating an interest in what presents the participants would like to receive. You then meet up again and exchange gifts and find out who your secret santa was. You can participate in a secret santa to share the festive mood with strangers in the event where you’re unable to be with your loved ones or friends!

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Wherever you’re celebrating Christmas this year, always remember to stay safe while doing so! Wear your masks when interacting with others, sanitise your hands frequently, and get tested regularly, especially if you’re working with a lot of customers this festive season! Stay safe, and we wish you a very merry jolly happy holidays.

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