Top 10 Places to Travel With Kids Part 2

Are you still having trouble deciding where to go after reading the first part of our blog? Fret not! In this second part, we will double the offering of destinations and give you an even wider choice, for more unconventional and still highly entertaining family fun!

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Somehow there’s always a Disneyland at the destinations that we’ve picked, but we promise there’s something else to do if you’re not a fan of Walt Disney! While Tokyo Disneyland may be the most famous tourist attraction in Tokyo, there’s much much more than meets the eye. First, you can satiate your hunger at Yanaka Ginza, where you can try world-famous Japanese street food such as Taiyaki, a fish-shaped waffle commonly filled with red bean paste or custard, or Dango, a skewer with mochi-like balls doused in sweet or salty sauces guaranteed to fill your hungry bellies. Afterwards, overcome your jet lag with a delicious smooth cup of coffee from one of hundreds of specialty coffee places, each offering a different kind of experience based on what you’re looking for, be it a quick caffeine pit stop or a full afternoon sit-and-relax kind of coffee break.

There’s a lot to explore in Tokyo, both past, present, and even the future. Bring your children to explore Legoland Japan, and rediscover a bit of your childhood growing up with those famous plastic bricks, too! Afterwards, you can bring your family to visit the Tokyo Tower to see the magnificent Eiffel Tower inspired lattice structure that gives it structural integrity. Or maybe the Tokyo Tower isn’t impressive enough for you? Well, then you should definitely pay the Tokyo Skytree a visit! The Tokyo Skytree is a neo-futuristic communications and observation tower that displaced the Canton Tower in 2011 to become the tallest tower in the world and second tallest structure, right behind the equally magnificent Burj Khalifa! For more attractions within Tokyo, you can check out this itinerary by Ciao Bambino, which highlights a 3 day tour exploring historical and modern Tokyo, among other places of interest.

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Another unconventional family destination on our list, Singapore is usually known for being a business haven, with infrastructure to facilitate businessmen’s deals and discussions. However, Singapore is also filled with many family friendly attractions that’s sure to bring a smile to your kids’ faces.While Singapore is still largely closed due to the ongoing crisis, when borders reopen, you should definitely visit attractions such as the Singapore Flyer, the world’s second largest ferris wheel, and the downtown core. Downtown Singapore hosts places such as Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes, The National Museum of Singapore, and the Esplanade. 

You should also take a day or two to visit Sentosa island, an island specifically developed for tourism. Filled with beaches with pristine sand, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island, Madame Tussauds, Skyline Luge, iFly Singapore, and Resort World Sentosa. Take some time off from fun to learn about Singapore’s history at Fort Siloso, or ride the cable car back to Vivo City and even to Mount Faber. There’s so much to do at Sentosa and in Singapore, you’d be crazy if you didn’t bring your family here at least once!

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Of course, yet another Disneyland location. You already know what you can do with your kids at Disneyland by this point, so let’s skip that and explore other Parisian attractions. While the city of lights may seem to appeal more to young couples on their honeymoons, we promise that there’s plenty for you to do with your family in this beautiful city! First, take an afternoon off in Jardin du Luxembourg, better known in English as the Luxembourg Gardens. Commissioned by Marie de Medici in the 1600s, the Luxembourg Gardens is one of the most charming attractions in Paris for locals and tourists alike. Visitors can expect to see sculptures and statues with accompanying resting areas, creating a nice environment for a relaxing afternoon. Flowers and trees also litter the park, creating beautiful scenic photos for the memory books!

Next, you can visit the dedicated children’s museums in Paris such as the Musée de la Magie and Musée en Herbe, which both feature seasonal exhibitions that’s sure to excite your kids. Be sure to bring your children to the Arc de Triomphe next, one of the most famous monuments in Paris. The Arc honours the fallen French soldiers who fought in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and sits on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Afterwards, you can wrap up your trip in Paris with a visit to the Eiffel tower and ascend the iron behemoth to the viewing gallery, where you can view the beautiful skyline of Paris. Visit and night instead and you’ll find out firsthand why Paris got its nickname, the city of lights! Visit the official Eiffel Tower website for more information and entry fees, as well as Covid restrictions.

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We really appreciate a good beach-filled destination, and we’re sure your kids will too! Florida is known in the US and worldwide for its miles and miles of endless white beaches with crystal clear ocean water. Pick the right low-traffic beach and your family can even be treated to the spectacle of sea creatures swimming near you! Ok fine we need to admit there’s a Disney place here, but not just any! Florida is home to Walt Disney World, the flagship Disney theme park! You can be sure to ride more rides here than any other Disney parks, with Walt Disney World occupying a whopping 43 square miles! 

Next, cool off at one of Florida’s many water parks, such as Adventure Island in Tampa, and be sure to get a nice frozen treat for your kids while you’re there. Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando, where your family can experience a close-up encounter with various sea creatures and animals. If you prefer a slightly less contacted experience, consider visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium instead and learn about Florida’s natural wildlife and what the authorities are doing to ensure that they are protected.

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This destination is for the Canadians out there! Toronto is a great destination for young and slightly less young families, with Toronto hosting many attractions for kids and teenagers of all ages. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum, a beautiful museum to the untrained eye but one that receives much criticism from architects and structural engineers for its inefficient design. Regardless, the museum is still a great destination for bringing you through Toronto’s art, culture and nature from the past and guides you through the times into present day Toronto, even tapping into what’s in store for Canada’s future in art.

The High Park is also a great place to bring your children for a nice afternoon of relaxation, hosting beautiful flora and fauna, a splash zone, turf for delicious picnics, and even a zoo! If you visit Canada on the right day you can even visit the Rogers Centre to watch the Blue Jays play a game of Major League Baseball. Visit Canada’s Wonderland theme park and enjoy a day of adrenaline-filled fun and screams as you ride roller coasters that make you question which way up is. Wrap up your fun trip in Toronto with a ride up CN Tower, which held the record for the world’s tallest free-standing structures for 32 years until it was surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in 2007, and was then the tallest tower until the aforementioned Canton Tower overtook in 2009. Nonetheless, the observation gallery in CN Tower still boasts a stunning birds eye view of downtown Toronto and should not be missed!

Well, that wraps up our list for where you should travel with your kids of all ages! We hope that this list has helped you decide where you should visit for your next holiday. Book your next holiday now on TripCandy and enjoy up to 15% cashback in the form of blockchain tokens! TripCandy turns your hotel bookings into lucrative investments that can get you discounts the next time you book your trip, rewarding you every time you book an accommodation! For more travel tips and tricks, or destination ideas, be sure to check out our blog here! Thanks again for reading!

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