Things You Must Do Before Turning 30!

“What am I doing with my life?” is a question a lot of us are far too familiar with, it can either be boredom at play or a sign that you are in your mid-life crisis. Just kidding. Many of us spend our 20s figuring ourselves out, exploring new opportunities, and shaping what we hope to be our long-term career that we tend to forego prioritizing other aspects of our lives. Here are some of the things that you absolutely have to do, or might have missed out, before entering the 30s

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1. Learning more about yourself

Humans are mostly selfish beings. We care for and wish the best for ourselves till now. But do you truly know yourself or your own history? As William Shakespeare said, 

“There is a history in all men’s lives.”

Discover something about yourself that you never knew, such as the origins of your family tree, where your grandparents lived, and what they have gone through, the relationships they have with people back from their homeland, and the challenges faced to get them where they are right now. All these make for good learning if not at least a good bedtime story for you to tell your kids which will surely put them to sleep. Either way, only by knowing the past can we truly move forward.

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2. Picking up a foreign language

Remember all those times you went on vacation but wish you knew what the locals were saying? Well now’s your chance! It has been proven that the best time to pick up a new language is during the days of your youth as the brain is capable enough to quickly form new neural connections, so what better time to build up your international charisma than right now before your 30s! Knowing a different language gives you a different perspective on the cultures of the country you are visiting and it also helps open new doors for you to explore and converse with the natives, taking you out of your comfort zone and making you think open-mindedly. Not to mention that it unlocks a whole new travel experience and it is definitely one of the best skills to have when considering places to travel solo. 

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3. Live in a different city

Continuing the topic on foreign places, you can consider staying independently in another city. This really builds independence and life skills required for you to survive in a foreign land as you have close to no one to rely on but your wits. Pick up a job at a local establishment, learn the best ways to travel around, discover lesser-known places the locals do their shopping, and etc. You can even attend language courses as mentioned above! The most important part is to learn to survive on your own, do your own planning, and set execute them in the most efficient way possible. It is also the best way to immerse yourself in another’s way of life.

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4. Travel solo

There are simply too many things to do that involve traveling when you are younger. If you lack the funds to stay in a different city, you can consider at least traveling solo, you do not need to drop your long-term commitments and it is also much easier on the wallet. Pick the best places to travel alone, and go for it. This pushes you out of your comfort zone as you grab a ride with strangers, stay in a local’s home, drink and dine and enjoy their way of life. Living out experiences that you can never have while traveling with friends. 

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5. Get rid of bad habits

Probably the most serious one of them all. As we proceed beyond the age of 30, life tends to throw almost everything except the kitchen sink at us — work, family, kids, dreams, etc. and if you do not have time to work on your habits before then, what makes you think you will have the time when all these comes into play? This is precisely why you should start committing to letting go of bad habits. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, or just plain procrastination — try to improve the quality of life of you and those around you before it gets much harder for you to do so. 

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6. Get fit!

Remember gym class back in school? Well, it’s still not too late for that now. Together with getting rid of bad habits, it might do you a lot of good to start cutting down on those extra calories you’ve been eating. Start planning for your diet in small steps such as cutting down on canned drinks or allowing only desserts during the weekends. Go for some simple exercises twice a week and slowly work your way to a daily routine. This not only helps you lose some weight but indirectly builds your self-confidence as you mold yourself to look your very best in the years to come.

That sums it up for part 1 of things to do before turning 30. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will touch on some financial tips which are bound to make a difference in your 30s and beyond!

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