May 2021 – we raised and launch our previous token TravelCake
July 2021 – Due to internal and Contract changes we had to migrate and rebrand to TripCandy
The Token Allocations for reserves has changed during the migration, where we are only able to extract 500 BNB from the Liquidity Pool
and Moved over to our new tokens. that will be launched at the USD price of 0.0035 per token.
This result in us having an excess of tokens that are not added into the LP and will be locked away with our reserve tokens.

The structure of token allocation has changed to:
68% – Reserves ( increase by 13% due to migration)
5% – Team allocation
22% – Circulation

The locked Address/Wallet and Vesting schedule are given in the timeline below
Connect your wallet in order to see the lockers data.
For Tokens locked in DxSale:
Reserves – 55% of total supply

Additional – 13% of total Supply for LP/Exchanges/Rewards:

For tokens locked in Unicrypt:
Dev – 5% of total supply
(BSC network – search for 0x639ad7c49ec616a64e074c21a58608c0d843a8a3 )

For Current Liquidity Pool locked in DxSale:

Company Main wallet:
Company Marketing Wallet: