10th AMA Update (10/09/2021)

TripCandy AMA Summary 10/9/2021

In today’s AMA there are a few points that we will be covering:

1)  Partnership:

Last week we managed to get Hotels.com and this week we managed to get another partnership.

Due to popular request, and we believe we will be closing 1 more the following week

This two weeks partnership are catered to south east asia.

The first one we will announce will be Klook.

Klook is a travel activities and accommodation booking platform that is based in Hongkong.

They cater to majority the majority of south east Asia markets.

Mainly Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore as their top users. They get about 5.4 Million visit per month.

We will be adding it to our platform next week but it will be enabled at a later date.

The 2nd partnership is still in progress and hopefully we will be announcing it next week.

2) Exchange listing

We are still going to be listed on Probit Exchange, however we have requested to shift the Date of Probit Listing due to the massive sell of across the board and this period again is not favorable to list as it might cause more selling then pumping. Probit has allowed us to pick another date and we will keep you guys updated on the listing date.

Ideally, we set a date again once BNB starts to rise to 450+ and above.

3) Marketing

Marketing plans goes hand in hand with the market sediments and it has work out well for all of us. Alot of you experience the period where our market effort managed to push the price up before our biggest whale sold . Likewise during the period before BTC and BNB crash last Thursday.

The same thing, due to the recent market dip we will again hold back on the marketing for a couple of days watch the market sediment if carry on again if we think is effective.

4) Funds
I would like to mention that our funds will last us for at least a year at least. And we are not worry if there so happens to be a crypto winter. But this is provided we remain consistant and careful with how we manage our funds. Our priority is still to make sure our business model is sound and sustainable.
Below is the list of things you can help us with.

5) Beta MVP

Current users will temporary be unable to login to our beta platform till next week as we are under going maintenance.

We will be also be restricting the number of new accepted users for our beta MVP temporarily. As our number of users have already cross an amount that we believe we need to focus on launching the product properly before taking more feedback.


We will be release our own Pancakeswap, We call it TripCandySwap.
It allows the ease of use where you can convert your BNB or other tokens to CANDY easily
However if you would like to sell, you will have to use the normal Pancakeswap to sell.
We are also looking at a new method to purchase BNB via credit cards this is to facilitate the ease of buying our CANDY tokens.

When would we really see an impact for marketing?

-We mentioned that we are more toward sustainable marketing, which includes PR, Youtube, article writing and blogs etc  “things that stays up on the net” and this takes an estimate 3 to 9 months before u start to see or feel an impact. And we mention marketing test, we are talking about is mainly PPC and those are costly on the long term.

How much booking was done on our Beta MVP?
We would not be disclosing the number of booking done but I am happy to say we are definitely getting twice more bookings then our current closest competitor.

Marketing and partnership with UK Hotels and accomodation websites?
Currently, Most of our partnership and marketing are based of where our investors are from.
We will reach UK website eventually and over time the more partnership we do, the easier we will be able to form new partnerships as well.

Expectation of Volume?

Once we get into Probit it should bring us 50k to 200k in volume and we will aim to get into Gate.io which should bring us to 500k to 1m in daily trading volume. The timeline will be 3 – 6 months.