5th AMA UPDATE ( 07-8-2021 )

Our focus today is to cover the demo of the TripCandy MVP
We live-streamed the booking of a hotel reservation through TripCandy using our upcoming MVP ( minimum viable product ) .

Live Streaming Demo Screenshot: (Booking done for Marina Bay Sands Hotel)

Demo Screenshot of Partnership with TripCandy

During the demo we covered:
-Simplistic Layout for MVP ( User friendly )
-Referral system; Refer a friend to get CANDY
-TripCandy Logo on Booking.com platform to ensure that your payment is correctly tracked
(There will be a header that says “In Partnership with TRIPCANDY”)
-Receipt will be delivered to your email from our partners. For any issues with regards to CANDYback, this receipt will be used as reference.
*We will upload a YouTube tutorial after our next AMA at Marina Bay Sands.

Delayed release of the MVP:
We are still in the Beta testing phase as there are several bugs that need fixing. We will require more time for the beta test to complete. MVP launch will be announced again shortly, but we aim to launch on the day we do the live streaming in Marina Bay Sands.

Best way to explain CANDY to new investors?
CANDY is a token created by TripCandy, it is mainly used as a form of cashback for our users.

Can you reduce our bot posting activity in our chat?
Yes, bot activity has been reduced to 1 hr per message.

How can the community help shill candy?
We are shaking off paperhands by cutting down on marketing.
However we are about to ramp up our marketing efforts as the price seems to have stabilized.

We need community support to do the refreshing of the browser, shilling, and adding CMC into their Wishlist. This will create drive and generate volume for TripCandy

We will also be facilitating buy and sell volume which will create credibility when we start trending . We will be listing the steps required from the community when we do a marketing push.

Where will you market during the push?
Currently, low to moderate marketing efforts are running on BSCscan, Coingecko, CoinSniper and other 3rd party websites. When we start the marketing push we will ramp it up again as well as restart marketing for Poocoin.

What media coverage you have currently?
We will be releasing our YouTube media coverage so on the website. (www.tripcandy.io/ media-coverage) Likewise, our Public relation’s company will be getting some coverage on top sites and social media to build more credibility within the next month.

How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors?
In short, BBT is into content generation with a messy business model. Tcare is not a threat. Our longer-term competitor is TRAVALA. In order not to compete head-on with our competitors, we are more focused on rewarding our customers.

Where is the DEV office? Can we visit?
We are based in Singapore and we welcome our investors to visit. However, please DM us first before coming as there are Covid restrictions in Singapore.

When will the platform’s debit card be up?
We have different phases. First is the MVP which allows us to book through our partners followed by our full booking engine; which will be up 3-6 months. Then we will expand to other travel-related services before entering the payment market. Once we build a strong base within the hotel and accommodations market, we will move into flights and insurance. After which we will then focus on the payment and debit card phase.

Tell us about the 10% tax?
Right now buy tax is 3%, sell tax is 10%. This will remain so until the full booking platform is up.
The end goal is to be able to pay using other cryptos on TripCandy.

Why is there no marketing push on reddit?
We are still shaking off paper hands.

What is the current realistic target price?
We are aiming for $1 eventually.

Is there a whale group to maintain relations?
There is no such whale group. However, we know most of the whales personally as they have reached out to us. They are currently holding their CANDYs tightly as they believe in us and the project.

Will TripCandy work with Venture Capital?
Founder has connections with VCs, we will look into VC funding when we want to scale up. These deals will be done with company’s shares and no tokens.

Will there be a dead wallet to reduce supply where members can send to?

If there is a burn, it will come from company wallet itself. We highly doubt investors would want to burn their own token. However, the burning of tokens does not affect the price of the token but rather, creates a psychological effect on the latter. The only way burn would work is if the burn was done within the Liquidity pool.
We do have natural or organic burn whereby if there are 2 wallets and 3 tokens. Each wallet will receive 1 token and the last token will be burnt.

Will staking partnership be in the plan ahead?
It depends on market conditions and number of holders.

Will TripCandy be available on other networks?
We will look at the cost of gas fees before considering. As most people probably know, Ethereum gas is currently hovering around $20 per transaction.

Will CANDY become a payment gateway?
We want CANDY to be a form of currency. Not a payment gateway.
This will require heavy consideration if it is worth branching out to. Perhaps only when we reach 1B, 2B MC then we might consider.

What marketing will occur when platform is up?
Social media, facebook., Instagram, google, tiktok, which are not accessible to the crypto community.

Is 1 year a more realistic timeliness for mvp/platform?
MVP should be up within a week. As for the full platform. it will be up in 3-6 months.

Banner “in partnership with Tripcandy”. Will it be up on other partners as well?
Currently, it is on booking.com only. Others are in process. Agoda and Expedia do not have the banner yet.
However as long as you click through TripCandy, we should be able to track your transaction and you will get your CANDY.

Can the transaction be seen immediately?
Individual companies vary. Do give 1-2 days for the transaction record to appear.

What if Travala changes tactics to be similar to Tripcandy? Is it easy to do so?
We aim to be the best cashback platform for travel-related goods and services.
It would be a huge and risky challenge for big companies to shift their brand vision as they would likely have to change their entire business model.
If our model is a threat, it would be a lot easier to offer us a buyout. However, the industry is big enough for more then 1 competitor.

Can the travel debit card be used for any other items?
Yes , it can be used as a form of payment. So treat it like a normal debit/credit card.
The only difference is our app allows you to quickly change CANDY to FIAT.

How to measure market cap for a company?
Assuming MC cap of the company be worth $1B, the market cap of CANDY will likely be worth more than $1B.
CANDY should be seen as a form of currency, where it is not pegged to the share price of the company.
But rather the amount of CANDY adoption would lead to a higher valuation of the price per CANDY.
As the amount of candy adoption increases so will the market cap of TripCandy (as a company) rise, as part of the tax adds to the net revenue.

Will AMAs be weekly?
AMAs will be ideally conducted weekly. Mainly on Fridays with a summary being attached if you missed it.

If someone books and cancel. What happens to the candy?
You have to confirm and complete your stay to get the CANDYback.
No CANDY will be awarded for cancellation or chargeback.

Any price of token we want to maintain at?
We are currently quite stable in pricing. We will keep discarding paper hands before going into all-out marketing.
We aim to break the ATH in the next few months. Our first target is 100M MC which is $0.1/CANDY

How do non-crypto people who do not have a wallet get their CANDY?
When people book through our platform, a wallet will be created for you.

How will BNB affect candy price?
Yes, in longer term we will switch to BUSD when BNB is up high. So when the market crash we will be unaffected.

How to buy candy on PCS?
A tutorial will be up on our youtube channel soon.

Wallet security on TripCandy platform?
You can withdraw the CANDY to your TW or MM anytime. Our platform wallet security Is locked and require 3 multiple authentication identifications to access.

Can we transfer to Binance wallet?
No. we are not on Binance yet. if you do transfer it will get it stuck. So do wait for us to get into Binance first.

If crypto market crash, what’s TripCandy strategy?
We should not be focused on the price of the CANDY but rather on generating revenue for the company.
The revenue will be the main driver for CANDY price to go up.

Will there be an affiliate marketing system?
We are working on it, and this will be done only on our full platform. Referral system should start from the MVP.