6th AMA UPDATE ( 13-8-2021 )

We have engaged a variety of YouTube influencers to post about TripCandy that covers russian, spanish, french, and german.

Telegram Groups:
We have opened up a new Telegram Group for the Arabs. (t.me/tripcandyar)
Currently we have:
https://t.me/tripcandySEA – Sinapore, Malaysia + SEA
https://t.me/tripcandycn – Chinese Members 中文群
https://t.me/Tripcandybr – Brazil
https://t.me/tripcandyID – Indonesia
https://t.me/tripcandytr – Turkey
https://t.me/tripcandyin – India
https://t.me/tripcandyir – Iran
https://t.me/tripcandyar – الشات العربي

Donation Wallets:
Due to some feedback from Investors, we will create a donation wallet.
If you do not wish to collect your reflections, you can send the reflections to the donation wallet
Likewise, if you wish to donate any tokens, feel free to send them to this donation wallet
(Donation Wallet: 0x68efCD377df720512a4a95b0092c005B705B397C )
**There will be no Transfer TAX if you are sending tokens to the donation wallet**
All funds raised from this donation wallet will be donated to Charity.
All donations will come with proof/Certificate.

Survey Form:
To further understand our users and improve our marketing strategy. Kindly help us fill up this form:
Help us help you by filling this short survey so we can work on bringing CANDY to $1 !

MVP Delay:
Due to the recent polygone hack where it involves transfer of tokens, there will be a short delay in the launch as we further test the security of our MVP to ensure that your bookings will be safe with us.
The launch of the MVP will be generally within this “period”. We do not wish to specify the date so as to prevent frontrunning which will lead to a pump and dump.

Booking Demo and Video:
The video of our booking and hotel stay is currently being compiled and will be released shortly. 🙂

-Is possible for CANDY to hit $1 and how long?
Yes, it is possible. Just HODL. Patience is a virtue.

Will you move the 800 BNB to TripCandy LP?
It is highly likely as we want more price stability. Likewise, we want to make sure it is added over some time so we can control and regulate price increase while absorbing sells. This way, you will get a gradual buy price growth. However, this also depends on the price movement and condition, if necessary we can use some funds to pump the token price up/do more marketing.

Why is the TripCandy contract selling?
This contract is one of our key source of Liquidity pool injections. A liquidity pool requires both BNB and CANDY added. Thus, when this contract sells it takes the BNB and some CANDY, pairs it and adds it to the Liqudity pool.
This is why right now our LP has increased significantly by at least 12.5% Which also means we will never see a 0.003 price level ever again.

When are we getting into Exchanges?
We have already listed and got approved with several exchanges. As mentioned exchanges must have a real purpose, not simply to provide hope for a price rise. Listing in most exchanges has led to a dumping of tokens, which means the company spends 20k to 150k in listing only to result in the tokens price falling.
There are many factors to look at when it comes to listing ( Price, volume, Demographics, Cost of listing, Products and Market sentiment).

When are we marketing aggressively?
Currently we are already marketing, but it is mid to moderate tier marketing. The bulk of the marketing always comes after the product is out and we are very pleased with our steady marketing at the moment 🙂 imagine what will happen when we start to get aggressive.

Team wallet selling, will they get taxed?
YES! Even Jeremy Foo, the founder gets taxed if he sells. But not to worry, 99% of the Team Wallet has been locked for 2 years, even if they wish to sell they can’t :).

What is frictionless? what is this alliance?
Frictionless basically allows whales to buy and sell without impacting the token price on pancakeswap.
See it as a private deal separate fropm the market transactions.
For more information, you can google “DARK POOLS” which are more related to stocks.

When Binance?
CZ mentioned that if you have a good project / good utility and not a meme token; they would be happy to take you in.
So focus on the project, not the price of the token and that is exactly what we are doing 🙂

Chinese Website:
Our Chinese website is up, do check it out: https://cn.tripcandy.io

If we have existing booking.com, agoda or expedia accounts can we still get CANDY back?
Yes, you will still get CANDYback as long as you remember to go through TRIPCANY platform to access our partners’ booking platform.

How to avoid scammers?
-Do not connect your wallets to random sites, once you connect they can withdraw your tokens.
-Keep your secret keys to yourselves, keep them offline, write them on paper. Do not store in a cloud.
-Always remember MODS will never DM you!