7th AMA update (20/8/2021)

MVP is already completed. We will do a silent launch which is non-official but this allows u to start signing up and start booking and earning Candy. We will drop this link access anytime now to 2359 Sunday.

Why the range for this silent launch is to prevent front running, we will just drop the link into the group. Which means any time and could be after this Voice call to 23:59 on Sunday.

This is consider open beta where we now let the people within our closed user group access and book though our partners that are currently on our platform. Expedia API is yet to be completed and requires more time. So for now you can book Booking.com and Agoda.

Booking.com you will be able to see our partnership logo at the top of the page.
Agoda would not show the partnership logo at the moment.
Expedia would take more time.

Here is the sneak peak of our MVP platform and how to book hotels from the platform (Recorded live during 9th August 2021 in our telegram group voice chat livestreaming)

And here is the highlight of the hotel stay that our CEO Jeremy has book through TripCandy Platform during the AMA livestream session

Do take note that all CANDYback percentage is different for different hotels and services. which includes flights and other services.

There are some changes that we did due to security until we are 100%. sure all transfers are safe. So all CANDY recorded are all placed under a virtual wallet. ( Meaning that a sing hard wallet would holds multiple virtual wallets)
There will also be reflections earned for all of this virtual wallets and this reflections just like exchanges will only be added only at the end of the month.

Some Terms and Conditions we need to mentioned.
CANDY earned are not instantly credited upon booking. It takes up to 2 to 3 working days to show up on your transaction history that a booking has been placed and CANDY will only be credited 75 days after you have confirmed or stayed at your bookings. This is to prevent people from abusing and receiving free CANDY.

You will be told the amount in Estimated CANDY in USD value once the transaction is confirm.
The actual number of CANDY will be on the number of CANDY issued to you on the date that is given to you.

As mentioned previously, we will be boost our marketing align with the MVP beta launch.
The official PUBLIC Launch date of the MVP will likely be early Sept. This is for the mass public.

So for all our current users now within our group feel free to use our beta launch MVP to start booking and accumulating CANDYback. Again the link will b release silently into the group chat.

Our beta MVP Is not perfect and is meant to allow you to book and earn candy..but there will still be on going development for the beta MVP launch that includes referral system where you can earn candy by referring friends with certain condition met.

Contest winners will be announced next week during the AMA ..it will take us some time to go through the results.

Link to the Website platform:

How are we targeting non-crypto user to book on our platform?
We are not going to target non-crypto users but people who are already familiar with crypto first.
This way we do not need to spend money to educate them why they should adopt crypto.
For example:
When you sell a mouse you don’t try to sell a mouse to someone who does not own a computer.
and convince them to buy a computer to buy your mouse. You only sell someone who already owns a computer and tell them why you should use or buy your mouse.

MVP expected bookings and revenue?
Without any statistic is hard to state a value.
Perhaps 1 to 2 a day during this beta phase until our full Public announcement.
where we expect it to rise 100% to 1000%.
Do take note this period is also restricted because of the covid pandemic.
The best gauge is only a few months from now where we can calculate the lifetime value of the customer LTV

Marketing budget for MVP
Budget is still healthy, but we wont be disclosing information

Why we can announce the partnership with booking.com and Agoda?
They don’t announce partnership as they have hundreds of partnership deals everyday, and they have to be careful with the announcement cause each announcement will affect the market and the price. We will do our own official public announcement on early Sept.

When Binance? When exchange?
We need to be sure before we get into exchanges.
Exchanges doesn’t mean price will rise, based on history.

Will there be a Referral program?
There is however there will be terms and condition for it.

Why not launch IOS or Android first?
Not at this stage as it requires a certain amount of tracking
IOS very particular with security, hence a lot of restriction and a lot of negotiations with them to approve.
Remember, we are only 2 months old, too young and too fast of a progress
But it will happen, targeting Q1 or Q2 of next year

Do we accept Credit card on MVP?

How are you going to Market for S.E.A?
Our Main target is USA because they have already open inter-state travel
SEA is not our main target yet until covid situation get better

Tax between platform to wallet?
There is no tax only gas fee that will be deduct. GAS fee will be deduct in the form of CANDY. If there is not enough CANDY to pay gas fee there will be no transfer done.

How booking from CANDY protect users private information?
There is a requirement to dox yourself to a certain extend.
Because all this hotels would require your details.

Marketing for CHINA?
It will cost at least USD 80 to 90k to market into China Market.
So we require a proper strategy due to the cost of getting in.
However, we are already preparing for it and we have Ernest and Kent that has joined our team to moderate the Chinese Community