8th AMA update (27/8/2021)

Progress Updates:
Our Beta MVP for our closed group was launched on the 21st of August.
The purpose of the launch is to allow our investors to validate the partnership we have with Booking.com, Agoda, and Expedia.

We received a lot of feedback on what we should improve on and the bug fixes.
We are looking into all of them in different order of priority so give us some time to fix all of them.
The actual MVP launch announcement will be done once the majority of the site is ready.
This includes news announcements which will be on several presses.

We have already received several bookings done through TripCandy, at this moment the bookings transaction records will be delayed. Those who have booked would also have received an email of your bookings and that it was already recorded. Once the transaction record of the booking is fixed, we will send an email update to confirm your booking transactions.

Next week, we will temporarily pause to update and upgrade our MVP to a better server so we can better improve services. So be aware that it will be temporarily down next week.
The timing of when it will be done will be announced on the day itself.

Other Updates:
Our logo is now on TokenPocket.
TokenPocket is similar to Metamask and Trustwallet.
However, the bulk majority of their users are Chinese.
Also part of our preparation for the Chinese market.

Exchange Listing plans:
We are now going into several exchanges and we are looking at 7 exchanges currently.
Something that everyone has been waiting for so stay tuned for further announcements on our telegram group. In our timeline, we have already included getting into 2 of the top 10 exchanges eventually before the last one which is Binance.

Marketing plans:
This week Monday, we were preparing for our big marketing blast.
This includes the CMC refreshing link that our community was doing.
Those who were with us, are aware that our largest whale of 16 million tokens sold. He is our top wallet holder and he FOMO-ed into another token, buying the high, which he then lost more money.
lesson to learn: Never FOMO into a trade!

This caused a huge dip in our price and so we had to re-plan the marketing blast or it will affect our growth to budget ratio. We reduced back our marketing efforts within this period for 7 days for the chart to stabilize and give confidence to new investors to buy again.

We are looking to improve our Website and get a brand new look that is more suitable for both the product launch and the investment.
This is so we can improve the conversion rate of our investors and users.

Contest Winners:
Contest Winners will be announced tomorrow on our webpage.
All winners will have to fill in a google form so we can send the token to your wallet address.

—–— Q&A ——-

When will we be a blockchain/Coin?
This will be towards our long-term goal as we need to make sure the cost of operation is worth it.
And there might be a likely hood that we will no longer be on PancakeSwap.

Travelcard partnership? Example: Revolut
We might have our own credit card.
Since in the long term we might have our own Debit Card/Credit Card, it is unlikely they might not work with us however we will do what we can.

Marketcap 45% lost, how?
We cannot control it
As explained above, We need the price to stabilize first before further marketing
The marketing plan starts next week, approximately 7 days from the major whale dump.

MVP release but why no increase in price?
Because it was only released to an internal group of people, it was not publicized yet.
We want to be as bug-free as possible before creating an announcement for major news channels.

Holders and TG members dropping, How?
A lot of tokens have a lot of members but holders are holding very little in quantity, so even though holders are dropping, our price remains.
This means our current holders are buying more. Also, look at our marketing phase, if no marketing is done, wallets will definitely decrease

Why we don’t always market = we need to attract long-term holders and clear the pump & dump holders

Will there be Travel Insurance?
Yes but not at the moment.
Booking and accommodation have covered them, however between us and our partner’s agreement, We may not give any CANDYback.

Is there any Shill content?
We will release it together with marketing next week

Can I book for other people?
Yes, you can. Surprisingly, a lot of people are booking for others on our MVP as of now

Personal information in Confidentiality?
All information to us is confidential. We do not share our info, and our partners would not share their info with anybody

Will we get Trip.com partnership?
Mostly unlikely, cause they are at the bottom and very few US users

TripCandy apps?
Next year, Q1 or Q2

A universal language for our Platforms?
Yes, we will have multiple languages in the future.