9th AMA Update (03/09/2021)

TripCandy AMA Summary 3/9/2021

In today’s AMA there are two main points that we will be covering.

1)  CEX listing:

As we mentioned, if everything goes well, that is when we will start looking into CEX listing.
The CEX that we will be getting into will be Probit Exchange Top 20 to Top 30 based on CoinmarketCap and Coingecko.
This will bring in a new volume of traders into our token as well as better accessibility for new people to buy our tokens where they can now buy tokens directly through the exchange instead of going through Binance to get BNB and to pancakeswap.

The trading pair will CANDY to USDT and not to BNB.

2) New hotel partnership.

We have chosen Hotels.com as our new partner. Hotels.com has an estimated 30 million US users visiting their site per month.
This will be added to our list of Partnership hotels in our Beta MVP platform next week.

3) Lastly our MVP public launch
Our MVP public launch will be after the CEX listing. This is all in line to continue to help with our project hype and marketing effort.


Next, we will need our community to help kick start our marketing campaign as we push for all these new and exciting milestones.

Below is the list of things you can help us with.

1) Twitter shilling

We will be doing twitter shilling, to test the impact, which I believe is very likely to work. Literally, try to post it everywhere in the form of replying. The more you reply the more people would check it out. based on stats on twit replies, 80% of people would check it out.

Example of a shill post:

@Tripcandyio Team Doxed, Listed on @CoinMarketCap and @coingecko, partnership with Top Travel brands! Upcoming listing on @ProBit_Exchange & MVP Official launch in the coming days.

#Tripcandy #BSCGems

*attached image below*

2) Get the community again to do our CMC refreshing for most viewed to trend on CMC.

(https://tripcandy.io/cmcrefresher) *
Lets do our part to help with the refreshing. It will take us a few days to appear on the most viewed and slowly climb to the top.

The timeline as it goes will be CEX listing followed by Public MVP launch.
Marketing will be promoting both “MVP launch and CEX listing coming soon” This gives new investors 2 very strong reasons to buy.

What do we do when new members join our group?

  • Educate them about our project
  • Tell them about our next upcoming event in the next 1 month
    Which are CEX listing & MVP public launch
  • if they are big investors and feel hesitant, encourage them to invest a small amount $10, $5 or even $1. A small investment goes a long way.

Remember, let’s all do our part to share and grow our project!

Are we going to listed into Bitmart?
– Not anytime soon but perhaps in the near future, we need to time our exchange list as per month marketing
– As of this moment Probit will be better option based on our current evaluation

Will there be Reflections or Tax in probit exchange and will we still get them?
How about the tokenomics?

Exchange have their internal virtual wallet:
-Within their own wallet, there is no tax, no reflection
-Unless we allow them to do so, but we currently decided not to have a reflection function in there unless is held on their own Metamask or Trustwallet.
However, Tax will be included if there is a transfer between personal wallet to the exchange wallet and likewise from exchange wallet to personal wallet.