U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he does not intend to ban cryptocurrencies, but said stable coins need greater regulatory oversight.
This is a major big news for crypto in general as it gives huge confidence in the long term adoption for crypto currency.

TripCandy Updates:

  1. Moving to a new domain for the cashback booking platform.
    This is to make our application easily accessible and more secure for the mass public.

    As mentioned previously, we are no long taking new users for our closed beta test. And we are ending our close beta in preparation for our public launch for the MVP.

  1. We are already working on the full booking engine website with much bigger range of functionality. This will take a process of 3 to 6 months.
    Where you can look forward to using crypto and our $CANDY as a form of payment.

    Some interesting features:
    -Android + IOS
    -DAPP connection
    -credit card direct purchase of $CANDY (On ramp)
    -Withdrawal of $CANDY
    -Debit-Card (off ramp)

  1. CMC partnership for Airdrop
    Is on going till the 11th of OCT.
    Do feel free to take part and help us bring more brand awareness to TripCandy.
  2. Probit has started to list tokens again. And we are in queue for listing.
    Previously, they paused us due to certain regulations from Korea. Which Probit is now already approved.
  3. When Probit listing is announced we will be doing the most viewed in order to get us trending higher on CMC.

QNA Top 3:
when MVP is launched publicly, do holders of Candy get any kind of dividends or % of generated revenue as the platform is used overtime? In other words does the utility or product have a payout to holders?

We have a tokenomic structure that rewards holders of our tokens over time. This is a form of dividends generated revenue.
But our core purpose is the Buy back system where every booking allows us to buy back $CANDY from the market, creating a perpetual demand overtime.

If the website fully function. How about the MVP to get cashback? Those two are different platform or on the same platform ?
If we pay with Crypto let say its BTC. we still get candy token as cash back?

The MVP cashback received will also be ported over to the full booking platform. Both platforms are inter-linked.
And if you pay via crypto/other cryptocurrencies, including $CANDY, there will always be CANDYback.

How do we avoid pump and dumps situation when Probit is being listed? -Asking from a long term investors POV

This is more towards technical, but in short we will be doing Market Making to help stabilized and reduce impact of pump and dumps situation.

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