• We will test and conducting AMA across the board Twitter, Discord and Telegram.
    We are going to see and test the viability and tractions to see which will help us reach out to more people.
    However for all our AMA we are going to do our best to keep it as short as possible or within 30mins.
    AMA will moved and conducted
  • Contest conducted by TripCandy will officially be posted on Discord only.
    All question with regards to the contest should be asked in the discord.
    We are going to build a strong community for discord for an upcoming plans for TripCandy.
  • Probit has announced our listing date which will be on the 22th of Oct.
    Do take note that Probit does not have an buy or sell tax unlike pancake as all tokens are traded internally.
    However transfering in and out of probit has a tax rate of up to 12% This will be confirmed again down after the launch date.
  • Pancakeswap Tax will still remain the same.
    3% tax on the buy and 10% tax on the sell.
    Transfer tax is 3%.
  • Airdrop
    The Airdrop that was conducted with CMC has already ended and the winners will be annouced on the 25th of Oct. It will be posted on our website Do read our terms and conditions on how to claim your winnings.
  • Our MVP is now reopen with our new domain.
    We will be doing a our public official launch on the 26 or 27 of Oct. Which is 4 to 5 days after our Probit Launch.
  • Most viewed
    3 Days before our public launch on probit, we will be conducting our most viewed system to get ourselves noticed and bring in more brand awareness to TripCandy. We encourage everyone who got their bags of CANDY to help us trend by opening as many browsers as they can.
  • New advisor on Board
    Our new advisor is from Binance, focusing on content creation and he help build Binance futures to the top futures crypto exchange.
    We will be adding him to our website link shortly.


When is Gate.io ? What we can we do as community to help speed up the process ?

There is a target timeline, no. 1 priority is probit, subsequent ones may be exchange listing. Current milestone is gate.io. Comm can help by spreading the word of tripcandy, bring more awareness, need not necessarily be investor, help like and rt and comment twitter, next week do the most refreshing

why are targeting US market for now but our Telegram, Twitter, hodlers are mostly non-US residents. Our telegram and twitter are quiet during US hours. Is team aware of this and is anything being done to address this?

We are very aaware of the demographic, but most of our investors are global and est 70% are within asia but target remains on us market. Product itself is US focused, but investors are open to all around the world. US focus is due to interstate travel for now due to COVID, product will not be as successful currently in regions such as SEA due to border restrictions. We have specific target for marketing investors etc

Will there be another fund raising round? I would like to take part if there is?

We are thinking of bridging (getting new investors from new network ie eth sol), expanding from just BSC chain. By bridging another possible network or by releasing another token of similar candy value, it will bring us new inflow of investors which can bring us to ATH. However, current focus is on product which will be announced on channels. There might be another fundraising round but its not bc we need funds, it will be added to lp to establish new lp in other networks.  

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