What is covered:
1) MetaMask/Chrome security
2) Migration of Community
3) Platform Development
4) NFT Development
5) Updates on social media
6) Marketing
7) Referral Program
8) After Platform Launch
9) Partnership with various Crypto Projects

1) MetaMask/Chrome Security
Lately, we have over 4 People metamask wallets were being hacked.
Tokens we transfered out and sold.
-Ensure your seed phrase is written and kept safe, DO NOT store in digitally on desktop,laptop or cloud.
( 2 of our members seedphrase were stolen as they were stored in Cloud and on their desktop )
-Do not accept or connect to any unknown websites. If you really have to please use a test wallet with no tokens and very little BNBs.
(Dusting attack is where you receive token airdrop and when you try to sell them by connecting your wallet. They will be able to transfer out all your tokens)
-Chrome has a major Update , a likely breach in security, Kindly please make sure you are updated to the latest Version 100.0.4896.60

2) Migration of Community
We are moving away from Telegram and focusing more on Discord in preparation for our NFT.
In order to get up to speed with our latest announcement, we recommend using discord where information are well organized and categorized.
Click the link: https://discord.io/tripcandy
We however will still be monitoring both telegram and discord. But when marketing starts our focus will be largely on discord.

3) Platform Development
We are nearly done with our platform. We are confident that we are definitely launching this quarter.
We apologize for extension of our development, we understand that we are suppose to release it on 1st quarter of 2022.
We under quoted the development time frame of 3 to 6 months therefore we require an additional 1 to 2 months extra.
For the latest update for our platform, Kindly use our discord channel and click on the Platform Progress.

4) NFT development
We have already started building our NFT artwork, concept and finalised on Bird as a representation of TripCandy & Travel.
Our NFT progress can also be found on our discord Channel under NFT progress.
We want to provide and create the highest quality for our NFT because as a blockchain it will stay with us forever.
Our NFT will only be released only after the Platform is launched.
This would ensure that our NFT will provide actual tangible value and utility to our customers and likewise build trust for new TripCandy investors.

P.S – “Some interesting fact about buying our NFT, Owning it give your so much access and rewards that it covers the cost of purchasing it.
And of course, Candy holders of certain value would have certain advantages with regards to our NFT.”

5) Updates for our Social Media channel
We have officially acquired @TripCandy username for both our Twitter handle and Linkedin, thus we will no longer be using @TripCandyio.
We are also officially verified on CoinMarketCap and we are working on Coingecko and other verification.

6) Marketing
The key thing that goes well with a great product is a great marketing plan, We have held back marketing for a really long time and been focus on whats important, the development of a great product, but this quarter it is all about to change. There are 2 things that we will be pushing out (1) is our product launch and (2) is our NFT launch. Both NFT and product goes hand in hand in marketing and both brings in new customers and investors for TripCandy.
And this time instead of driving the community to telegram we will be focusing on building the community on our discord channel.

7) Referral program.
We have an interesting referral program for our booking platform that allows you to earn Candy from up to 3 tiers of invites.
Which means as your friends or friends of friends of friends travel more, the more CANDY you earn more.
Do watch our Youtube video on our referral program to get a better understanding.

8) After platform launch

When the platform is launch, We will still be progressively making improvement and taking feedbacks to improve our platform.
We will be splitting customer support and discussion about about our token and project.
some of the things that we will be developing along the way.
Integrating of more various crypto payment system, staking functionality, NFT and Membership tiering, referral program.

9) Partnership with various crypto project
We will be forming new and exciting partnerships with different NFT projects to bring more value to our users.
We have some exciting things that allows you to book and travel even with no money down!

Overall, Our team are very excited to bring all this exciting updates this quarter.
As the travel borders are opening up, there is no better time for our up and coming launch. 🙂


1) Where we can buy the NFT, it is limited supply or unlimited and what network will it be on?
You will be able to Buy/Mint it on our website, Only 8888 NFT will be available and it will be on Ethereum network.

2) what are the benefits of owning the NFT?
We are very focus on utility, so we have 12+ various utility that comes with it.
to name a few 1) Travel with no money down 2) Staking rewards 3) Bonus Cashback…and much more
“If you love to travel alot, the amount of cashback you earn just by owning the NFT will be more then the price you paid for the NFT, You can even say its like getting a free NFT”

3) when do we get into Gate.io?
We will have to get into one more exchange before getting listed on Gate.io.
We were suppose to be listing in one of the exchange last quarter, however due to the market sediments, we had to push it back to a later date.
We will still be actively and constantly pursing listing as we want to non-defi people ease of access to our tokens.

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