Weekly AMA 17/9/2021

New Partnership:

We have added Traveloka as one of our current partnerships.
They cover majority of the south East Asia markets, their main focus is in Indonesia.
**Traveloka cashback is limited to flight and hotels booking only.

Exchange listing:
Listing date of Probit is still pending and we will announce the date of listing next week
As mentioned we are going in, regardless of BNB price and market sentiments.
*Do take note that on our Roadmap, CEX listing should be in the 4th quarter not the 3rd quarter. We are doing this ahead of schedule.

Website Revamped:
have been revamped our site 80% based on heatmap study on how we can better convert our users and investors

Is now releasing (https://swap.tripcandy.co) and it reduces new user purchasing time to as fast as 20 seconds.
Making it easier for new first-time buyers to purchase our CANDY tokens.
We removed the need for address approval, adding or selecting the address, changing of the slippage, and allows users to simply key the number of BNBs and hit confirm. We are still working and improving this system for faster purchasing speed.

AMA changed to biweekly:
We are moving toward biweekly AMA so the team can focus more on developing and improving the growth of the company.
We have been giving weekly update to give confidence to investors that we are progressing every week however we are also aware that is unhealthy and not possible to bring major news every week. Usually, it’s a quarterly thing for companies and for other projects, a monthly thing. So in order to met realistic project update and expectation we will be scaling down our weekly AMAs to biweekly and slowly to monthly.
Feel free to drop us question, and the team will still answer your queries to the best of their ability.

Exit Strategy for TripCANDY?:

  • There is no specific exit strategy. if we for see more growth we will continue, if we see that a merger will be a good idea we will do so.
    As we are only 3 months old, it is still too early to say.

Pulling out Liquidity from Travelcake:

  • Yes and we will we add it over a period of time into our TRIPCANDY LP

Long-term vs short-term holders, difference?

  • Short-term holder they care alot of buy price and don’t care of the product.
  • Long-term holder they care alot more about the product because the values comes after it.
  • Being 3 months old project, we are more concern of attracting the right people into our project. If bulk of our marketing spent goes to people who are going to quickly buy and sell, it would be a huge waste of marketing dollars and with a subpar product it is even harder to convince investors to stay.

MVP through mobile browser?

  • Yes you can, as long as you go through TripCandy platform and we can track your booking

No concrete plan for marketing, change of direction:

  • We have never changed our direction since our first AMA which you can check our AMA history that we have always focus on product.
  • Our focus is always on product, Never on price. In our startup work we are all working to achieve “Product market fit”
    Where the focus should always be customer adoption.
  • We will try to avoid front-run cause based on our research, it has caused more hurt for tokens then positive impact.
  • There is also a lot of marketing test to be done, to make sure the marketing are done well, Business should be flexible on their execution to get to their vision and not blindly execute without considering the consequences.

Probit or CEX, when?? No volume?

  • Based on our set timeline, We intend to list on CEX exchange on the 4th quarter. However, we are moving faster than our timeline
  • Our objective is still on the 4th quarter but if it can list sooner then expect we will try to make it happen

Reward in TripCANDY:

  • Yes you can book hotel for someone and gain rewards
  • Rewards is depend on hotels, but there is a chance you can get double rewards as well

Video description on TripCANDY?

  • Yes we will look into it

Are we Targeting everyone?

  • WE are focusing on the US market for our product
  • But why we also focus on S.E.A, is because based on our data and research, we have a lot of people doing Word of Mouth in S.E.A, that’s why we are targeting that region as well.
  • When it comes to marketing, we need to build based and expand region by region while sustaining ourselves with new cashflow from other region.

How are we fairing as opposed to our competitors?

  • We definitely have more bookings than them.
  • We have data on our competitors number of bookings and marketing and even at our close beta group. I am proud to say we have a good and healthy user to booking ratio.

Youtube and tiktok influencers:

  • We have a good amount of youtube influencers, you can check them out by searching TripCandy on Youtube.
  • Tiktok unfortunately has banned any crypto promotions

Conduct AMA in other Community?

  • Based on our research, most people inside the community are focusing on getting the free getaways instead of understand the project and invest them
  • We have done some promotions before and it did very badly based on the above reason.

When will Traveloka live on our app?

  • All partners that are greyed out, if you want to use them right now, you can DM us to use them
  • Each Partner will be open up gradually as we get closer to public launch.

Plans with AirBNB?

  • We can direct partner with similar company however it might not be with AirBNB as currently they are having a lot of legal issue.

User adoptation on MVP?

  • We will need to fix the bugs first, before we market out to the public to use.
  • If we don’t do that, we will receive a lot of bookings and the bugs will be overwhelming for the team.

Nigeria is a big market, should we focus on them?

  • There are certain factors that we look at when it comes to marketing in those region.
  • We need to make sure they can use our platform, able to trade our tokens, does our exchange listing reach them, etc.
    This is so that when we spend our marketing dollars we get the most effective impact.

We understand that we want to move things fast, but we need to make sure things are doing well and stable here first, especially on our product, before we move aggressively in our marketing promotion

Other Notes:
There are a lot of things that are happening behind the scene.
Which we don’t announce publicly or openly because it takes time for things to be done.
We understand that everyone wants marketing and it is a very broad term. And to an individual it may just be running ads.
But for us to run an ads, there are alot of steps to prepare, Marketing channels to be picked, Ads designs to be build, How things are written and communicated, Funneling and tracking, optimization of cost and improve conversion rates etc. And that is only for running ads. All this data has to be studied and try and error.
So we seek your understanding that our team is working hard to get your tokens to reach what you want it to be.

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