5 Moments In Squid Game That Remind Us of Our Crypto Experiences and Mistakes

Let’s take a break from serious cryptocurrency investments, cryptocurrency guides and travel guides for a second, even we have to rest too! Instead, have you watched Squid Game on Netflix? If you haven’t, we’re sure you’ve at least heard of it, or maybe you’re sick of hearing it! However, if you wish to watch Squid Game but haven’t, turn the page away now! There are many spoilers ahead that may leave you frustrated like we did when we saw them on social media without spoiler alerts.

Before we start, this is your last spoiler alert!

1. Red Light Green Light

Do you ever doubt yourself after investing in a cryptocurrency project that seems promising, but the price just won’t go up? Maybe seeing the price of Ethereum soaring over 20% since 21 September makes you feel bad that you missed out on quick cash? Well, don’t be! 

Remember the old man, Oh Il-Nam? Did you ever notice how he was the first to move after the first round massacre, and never once doubted himself until he crossed the finish line? He ignored all the noise from the gunshots around him, stayed patient, and slowly but confidently made his way to the finish line, skipping over all the dead bodies with ease and, most importantly, without being distracted! That’s how we should approach our long term crypto investments; ignore all the short term disruptions and focus on the end goal, have faith in the team behind the project, and trust them to carry you to the finishing line, giving you way more earnings than you would’ve had in short term trading. Instead, if you rush, you may end up like the first two guys, racing to the finish line and end up being eliminated very early on. It’s like how some people may pump and dump huge amounts of money and end up losing when prices dip.

2. Tug of War

After the last part, you may be more inclined to invest in long term projects than short term crypto trading, but now you ask yourself, which projects are reliable? Well, take a look at Gi-Hun’s team in the second game, tug of war! Gi-Hun’s team had solid planning and strategizing to defy all odds to win the game, no matter how big or tough the obstacle(or team) ahead of them. So, before you decide which tokens you want to invest in and hold, you must do your own research first! Look out for the core team, the faces behind the project, what the project encapsulates and what is the end goal of the project. Don’t invest in the token, invest in the team! It doesn’t matter how good a token is, if the team behind them doesn’t know what they’re doing, the token will eventually depreciate and be forgotten about. Conversely, with a good team, a basic starting token can turn into a lucrative investment, and who knows, maybe you can even turn those lucrative investments into crypto cashback rewards when you book hotels on one of our many travel partners *wink wink*

3. Honeycomb Game

Information is key. Without information, any investment is just a gamble. Never invest in something you don’t know about, and always do your research before deciding on what to invest in. With more research and experience, your knowledge on different cryptocurrencies grows, and you can make a better decision. Compare this to Squid Game, where Sae-Byeok gathers intel on tomorrow’s game, and Sang-woo makes full use of Sae-Byeok’s information to anticipate what tomorrow’s game will be, allowing him to make informed decisions that led to him surviving the game.

4. Marble Game

Have you ever watched the episode and thought to yourself, “wow these people are so good at lying”? Surprise! You’re living in a real world surrounded by these kinds of people! While you may think to yourself, “yeah I know how to spot a lie in real life”, you have to remember that crypto exchanges and projects all happen online, where you seldom or never see the person handling your investments. 

Recall the scene during the marble game where Ali trusted Sang-woo’s sweet words so easily, and ended up being betrayed and resulting in his death and elimination. That could easily happen to any of us if we trusted these anonymous faces behind promising projects and end up getting scammed by them without them suffering any consequences. We need to do our own thorough source checking, and decide for ourselves if we can and should trust the people leading the project to prevent any cases of crypto project rug-pulls, which sadly happen too much, leaving people mourning over the loss of their precious savings. As for TripCandy, you can find the thorough profiles of our team, and see all their past successes on the bottom of our page by clicking the Team hyperlink!

5. Squid Game (The Whole Show)

If you ask any true investor or trader how much you should invest, they will only tell you one answer; invest what you can afford, and never invest more than that. Every participant in the Squid Game had one thing in common: they were heavily in debt, loan sharks were chasing them every so often, they’ve reached a point of desperation where they decided to literally put a price on their lives. In the real world, there have been cases of people investing all their life savings in one cryptocurrency, and sadly, if the price of their tokens dip for an unexpected reason, it could put them in a much worse financial situation than they were in before. Never invest more than what you can afford, if investing in crypto leaves you asking whether you can eat for the next month means that you’ve already done it wrong. We know that the world of cryptocurrency is very attractive and promising, but you need to always remember how to balance risk with rewards, and never risk so much that your livelihoods are at stake. Stay safe and trade safe!

Bonus: TripCandy

Now that you’ve seen through our article, you should have a better idea on what kind of cryptocurrencies you should invest in. One of the tips mentioned was to do your own research on the team behind the crypto project. Well, we’re TripCandy and we’re run by a very dedicated team, led by Jeremy Foo. TripCandy is an accommodation booking platform that brings you cashback rewards in the form of blockchain tokens, turning your bookings into lucrative investments. For every booking, a percentage of the total sales will be returned to the user in the form of CANDY token. To fulfill this objective, TripCandy will buy CANDY tokens from the market, creating a perpetual and consistent demand. Thus, increasing the value of CANDY tokens over time.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your next trip on TripCandy now and watch yourself get rewarded with every hotel booking with one of our many partners! But remember, don’t invest more than you can, or you may end up having to play in the Squid Game to clear your debts!

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