Best Places To Travel This Christmas Season

Merry Christmas to all around the world, depending on your timezone, from the TripCandy family! This holiday season may have been dampened by yet another COVID variant that threatens to keep us all indoors again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun during the holidays. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best places to travel to this Christmas season! Bear in mind though, these places are subject to local border restrictions, so it would probably be more helpful for you to already be in the region, rather than to book a trip to visit these places!

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Singaporeans celebrate the holidays of most religions, and that includes Christmas! One of Singapore’s best known Christmas destinations is our shopping district, Orchard Road, located right in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Despite the lack of snow, during the Christmas period, Orchard Road is lined with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations as shops flaunt their festive decorative abilities and equally celebratory discounts! If you fancy a nice date night instead, consider visiting Christmas Wonderland instead, located in our stunning Gardens by the Bay! Christmas Wonderland promises a great date night for yourself and your special one as fake snow and decorations greet you at every corner. Seize this opportunity and try Christmas food not commonly found locally in the stalls littered around the area, for that true festive mood.

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We’ve seen our friends flex on us with their Tokyo Disneyland trip in pre-covid winters on their Instagram profiles, and that may make us a little jealous sometimes. Why not visit it yourself, and experience the Disney magic, coupled by Santa’s festive magic, for a truly out of this world magical experience! You can also tour the snowy streets and try some of Japan’s finest coffee to get you over the jetlag. If you’re looking to actually be able to sleep at night, try hot chocolate instead, or for a lighter but equally hearty beverage, have some tea found in every corner of night markets, and snuggle close to your loved ones this Christmas in tokyo.

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New York

We’ve all seen those Christmas movie scenes where the couple has their Christmas kiss under the mistletoe in the crowded streets of Times Square. Why not turn that movie experience into reality and do it for yourself! Times Square is pretty much the celebration center of New York during the December holiday season, and it’s no wonder why. Images of snow lightly falling on the hair of the young and innocent makes Times Square a real life fairytale story. Times Square does have a tendency to be excessively crowded though, so remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing where possible, and of course do not attend if you’re sick!

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Ideally, we would recommend a couple places to visit in each of our destinations, but we just couldn’t choose for Prague. Prague’s Christmas special is the bountiful Christmas markets strewn throughout the streets of towns and cities. We just couldn’t pinpoint a set that you can visit as each of them are special in their own right, offering locals a chance to do last minute shopping, or for tourists, an opportunity to buy exclusive souvenirs reminding you of your Christmas spent in the winter wonderland that is Prague. Alternatively, you can try some of the local food at those winter markets in Prague, and have a taste of Christmas from somewhere else around the world!

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As usual, Christmas markets are a common sight during the Christmas season in Cologne. You can browse these markets for your last minute shopping as usual, or if you want to look at cute wintery knick knacks. For the couples in Cologne, you can take a walk on the Lovers’ Bridge, boasting thousands of locks on the grills of the bridge. Immortalise your commitment to your significant other by adding your own lock onto the bridge, and maybe it can be a visiting point for the next time you return to Cologne.

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Copenhagen is known for their charming traditional olden styled streets and colourful buildings during the Christmas. If you’re in the area, you should try some gløgg Denmark’s version of a warm spiced mulled wine, which can be found everywhere during the festival period. If you’re looking for an attraction instead, visit the Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park instead for the rides and thrills. For your last minute Christmas shopping, visit the Julemarked, or winter markets, of Copenhagen and browse cute Christmas gifts fit for anyone. An ice rink by the entrance of  Frederisksberg Runddel will be created, and admission is even free! It’s worth noting that Tiboli and Broen also have ice rinks, if those places are more convenient for you!

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Buenos Aires

If you’re in Bueno Aires, you can expect to experience impressive fireworks displays on Christmas eve! Visit the Galerías Pacifico to see the famous holiday tree decorated with Swarovski crystals(not sponsored), or explore the iconic Iguazú (Iguaçu) Falls at the border of Misiones and Paraná this festive season with your family and loved ones. For a more energetic but less physically demanding activity, go to Madero Tango in Puerto Madero to admire the beautiful scenery, in addition to watching a tango, and who knows? You may even be inspired into having a tango yourself with your significant other at home! Oh, and don’t forget to indulge in some Pan Dulce (Sweet bread) from Plaza Mayor in the Cristobel neighborhood this festive season because remember, calories don’t count on holidays

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There may not be any snow in Christmas Australia, but we can guarantee you that there will be lots and lots of festive lights! If you’re feeling the summer mood, going to the beach may reward you with surf parties and plenty of beach activities too. In Melbourne, a charity music event is broadcasted across the country, which takes place at the historic Sidney Myer Music Bowl, with all proceeds going towards the Vision Australia’s charity work. In Canberra, you can enjoy and check out the unique art installations, or explore the Christmas decoration in City Walk!

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While we encourage you guys to forget about your work, let loose and put on your Christmas sweaters and relax this festive season, we would also like to emphasise on the importance of staying safe! Thank you for joining us this year, and we hope to continue seeing your unrelenting support and encouragement next year. It means the world to us, and encourages us to strive for better, just like how TripCandy brings the world to you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!Best Places To Travel This Christmas Season

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