Top 10 Places to Travel With Kids Part 1

Borders are finally opening up around the world again, and that means that your kids are going to start bugging you to go on holidays again. So in this article, let’s explore destinations that can bring fun to the whole family, for you AND your kids. 

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California is one for the kids and the kids at heart. Packed with theme parks in all corners, California is a great destination for families looking to entertain their children, or give them a once in a lifetime experience. While this may be one of the pricier destinations on our list today due to all the entrance fees and exuberant prices of theme park merch and food, it’s still a definite consideration when thinking where to go with your families. 

California offers a huge host of some world famous theme parks, such as, but not limited to, Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Legoland California, and Six Flags Mountain, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags Hurricane Harbour Concord located all around the state. We recommend this to be a family vacation for special occasions such as a family wedding or a child’s achievement, rather than a yearly holiday, in part due to the high cost of these theme parks but, more importantly, because it just takes away the magic and special feeling of these parks!

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Hong Kong

Maybe you’re based in Asia and flying to the US already costs more than the trip’s itinerary itself? Well, then look no further than the heart of the continent! Hong Kong is another destination that’s more geared towards younger children rather than teens, and it’s also due in part to the types of attractions there. Hong Kong Disneyland is the flagship theme park of the island, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit other places such as Ocean Park and the Hong Kong Science Museum. Unwind after a long day of exploration and discover the UNESCO Global Geopark, or maybe ride the Ngong Ping 360 glass-bottom cable cars up to Ngong Ping Village, which offers a hybrid tourist-nature experience. While you’re in Ngong Ping, you should visit the Po Lin Monastery and stand in awe at the Big Buddha.

But what if you’re scared of heights or just generally dislike mountains and high altitudes? Well, why not go opposite and visit the bay of Hong Kong, where you can take the iconic Hong Kong Junk around the harbour and appreciate the beautiful skyline. If you don’t want to commit a whole activity on the sea, you can get a little sample of Hong Kong’s traditional maritime experience on the historic Star Ferry, which brings you on a quick ride from Central to Kowloon, or even Hong Kong Disneyland itself, if you catch the right boat!

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Ok, maybe you’ve had it with theme parks and just want to rest and relax. Don’t worry, we still got you covered. Here in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, you can expect beautiful lush beaches as far as the eye can see. Spas and massages can be found in every corner to spoil you and loosen you up before your evening swim. Watersports rental shops litter the beaches to sell you an active form of entertainment, or even higher risk activities such as parasailing and kayaking in the rapids for the adrenaline seeking families.

Islands of interest in the beautiful state of Hawaii depend on YOUR interest and what kind of a trip you’re looking for. Honolulu, being the capital city of the state, is arguably the most well developed and hence has the most tourist-friendly infrastructure. If, instead, you’re looking for an off-trail experience to spend a day with your kids, then consider paying the island of Maui and Kauai a visit. Similar in name, they both offer pristine beaches, but differ on the island of Kauai as they focus a lot more on nature trails. Perfect for young families looking for a relaxing or nature-esque challenging kind of holiday, you can book your next trip in Hawaii here!

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Los Angeles

Arguably our most unconventional family trip destination. When you think of Los Angeles, you think of young couples and honeymoons, but if you look just a little deeper, you’ll quickly realize what a great destination LA is for families with kids of all ages. Just like our first two destinations, LA is filled with fun theme parks and attractions for families to explore. From yet another Disneyland, to zoos and aquariums, the city of Los Angeles promises that kids with all kinds of interests can have their high standards of entertainment met.

Alternatively, if you just want a skeletal pre-made itinerary, check out this great family itinerary from Tripster(not affiliated). They give you many options to explore Los Angeles, with multiple choices on each day to suit you and your children’s desired entertainment!

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Don’t worry, our European friends, we haven’t forgotten about you! Let’s kick off our European selection with the classic London, and boy, do we mean classic. London is filled with many historical museums and parks explaining the long and controversial history of colonial England. Discover the English’s side of the story at the British Museum, the first ever public museum, or the Design Museum, which explores the contemporary architecture of London!

Take a break from learning when you’re tired and visit Legoland Windsor, where you can ride some fun-sized Lego-themed rides with your kids. Afterwards, you can have a tour at the Warner Bros Studios and experience the cool effects and props used by Warner in their award winning productions. There’s so much to do in London with your family, so start booking your next trip now!

That’s all we have for you now, but do keep a lookout for part 2, where we explore 5 more destinations you can consider when planning where to travel with kids next!

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