8 Best Hotels in Las Vegas for an Unforgettable trip

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Posted On : October 26, 2022 By Jeremy Foo

Looking for the best hotels in Las Vegas?

It is expected that everyone want to go to Vegas with high expectations, especially when it comes to your accommodation.

Most hotels throughout The Sin City are extravagant and will provide you with at least an experience –it’s not just a place for you to sleep.

As the best hotels in Las Vegas also have exclusive nightclubs, beautiful pools, five-star restaurants, or a beautiful design,

meant to make you feel like you’re walking down the streets of a European city, instead of just through the hotel lobby.

If you’re planning to go for the slot machines, antics, and showgirls, you’re likely planning to stay on the Strip, a four-mile-long version of Times Square

where there are thousands of rooms with highly competitive rates with the best facilities, mesmerizing interior, and state-of-art amenities.

So, here’s our list of 8 Best Hotels in Las Vegas:



1. Wynn Las Vegas

Famous for being the best hotel on Vegas strip, the first time you enter the lobby

you’ll be welcomed by otherworldly floral fantasy, where you will walk across floral mosaic tiles into a naturally lit lobby full of moving floral sculptures,

like a giant floral bouquet hanging from the ceiling, or flowery carousel surrounded by trees.

The hotel’s luxurious concept are completed with sun-dappled atrium gardens, private lakes and waterfalls, and Strip’s only golf course.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas- Wynn Las Vegas Wynn Las Vegas - swimming pool

Photo credit: Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn and Encore has been a synonym with the highest levels of luxury and sophistication on The Strip,

so expect to get amazing level of service, when everyone is getting treated the same as VIP level.

Despite its size, the hotel is considered one of the most elegant and intimate in the Strip.

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Wynn Las Vegas - bar Best Hotels in Las Vegas - Wynn Las Vegas lobby

Photo credit: Wynn Las Vegas

Each of its 2,700 guest rooms are all quite large, starting at around 650 square feet for its Deluxe room,

and all have floor-to-ceiling windows where the curtains are controlled by remote had a great view toward the Strip and west toward the mountains,

and will make your time for waking up like Hollywood’s movie.

Don’t let us mention about its amenities, Wynn had Molton Brown designed a custom of Wynn set products,

which will make you smell vaguely like vanilla, or the shoe polish and buffing cloth for your shoes.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas for an Unforgettable

Photo credit: Wynn Las Vegas

When you step out of your room, you can enjoy its renowned The Spa at Wynn,

A pool area which has temperature controlled water, shopping at the Shops,

or simply enjoy the circus spectacular of Reve at the on-site theater.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas - pool view Best Hotels in Las Vegas - performance
Wynn Las Vegas - dining Wynn Las Vegas - hotel rooms

Photo credit: destinationdeluxe , CNtraveler, Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

Rates start from $149 in low season, and from $889 in high season.

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2. Aria Resort and Casino

With its soaring lobby, dark windowless casino room, amazing wall art and a soothing waterwall,

Aria Resort and Casino is a hotel that brought modernity to the Las Vegas hotels.

This hotel is named as one of the best hotel in Las Vegas.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas - Aria City Center Best Hotels in Las Vegas - Aria City Center Lobby Bar

Photo credit: Aria Resort and Casino

There’s a plethora of room options, but each will give you the same luxurious, contemporary style even from the cheapest option.

With the triple-sheeted bedding, high-tech details like one-touch lightning, temperature and curtain controls, granite-finished bathrooms with showers and soaking tubs,

all comes with luxurious concept with modern yet conservative furniture and fittings.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas - ARIA Resort & Casino Aria Resort and Casino - bathroom

Photo credit: Tripadvisor, Luxury Travel Magazine

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With approximately 20 dining places to go in the hotel, you will never run out of options.

Café Aria is a casual choice for breakfast or eggs Benedict, while fine dining can be done at Aria’s top three; Jean Georges Steakhouse,

Julian Serrano Tapas for Spanish cuisine, or  Bardet Brasserie for classic French cuisine.

Aria Resort and Casino - Blossom Aria Resort and Casino - Jean Georges Steakhouse
Best Hotels in Las Vegas - jean georges steakhouse

Photo credit: Scott Frances, MGM resorts, CNtraveler, Yelp

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Most importantly for you who seek to channel your inner peace just right next to Vegas Strip,

this hotel’s spa has been awarded as the largest five-star spa in the us with five-star award

with its special Japanese stone sauna beds as well as high-end treatments.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas - Himalayan Salt Room  Aria Resort and Casino - spa

Photo credit: MGM resorts

Aria Resort and Casino

Rates start from $129 in low season, and from $199 in high season.

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3. Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace

As a hotel-within-hotel, Nobu Hotel hides inside gigantic Caesars Palace resort, which located in the prime real estate at the Strip’s busiest intersection.

The hotel is Nobu Matsuhisa’s first hotel, which is the first of many Nobu’s hotels, will give you a more intimate and exclusive experience within Caesars Palace property.

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - Hotel Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - Hotel

Photo credit: Nobu Hotel, CNtraveler

This hotel has 200 rooms, and each room and suites are sufficiently stocked with aromatherapy sleep oils and teas,

and its supremely comfortable beds that are made up with Italian linens.

If you’re considering splurging while staying on best best hotel on Vegas Strip,

you can book the 10,000-square-foot Nobu Villa which comes with butler service, limo transportation, a garden and whirlpool,

and a VIP omakase dinner at Nobu restaurant just downstairs.

But even though you aren’t, no worries, concierge-level service is the key at this boutique hotel, so you’ll be treated exactly like a VIP –whatever you need, just ask.

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - room Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - lounge

Photo credit: Kayak, CNtraveler

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If you’re staying on the weekend, don’t forget to come to Nobu’s social event that’s holds on Friday evenings in their 72nd floor lounge,

where guests will be served with complimentary cocktails.

Elsewhere inside the resort, you’ll found one of the Strip’s most deluxe spas, Qua Baths & Spa,

a place that features an arctic ice room where faux snowflakes fall, a soothing tea lounge and Nobu-branded treatments inspired by Japanese body rituals.

Sounds a relaxing stay, right?

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - spa Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - spa

Photo credit: Nobu Hotel, Destination360

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Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace

Rates start from $159

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4. The Venetian

Another best hotel on Vegas Strip would be The Venetian Resort, where its most iconic concept are brought as a tribute to the city of Venice.

With more than 7,000 guest rooms across three towers, a replica of St. Mark’s Square, a canal system and singing gondoliers,

it is the second largest hotel in the world where the guests will be transported to an opulent, classic Italian-themed resort with endless restaurants and activities.

The Venetian - lounge The Venetian - view

Photo credit: The Venetian

It is located just at the heart of the Strip, which makes it a popular property if you’re looking for an over-the-top Vegas experience.

The rooms are all 650-square-feet suite, offering a sunken living room with coffee table and convertible sofa, walk-in closets,

a separate shower, tub and makeup mirror, two flat-screen TVs, a multimedia hub, and remote-controlled curtains.

You’ll want to stay awhile.

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The Venetian - room The Venetian - room

Photo credit: Kayak, The Venetian

When you’re done admiring the room, you can get around to the hotel facilities, where you will find 10 pools around the area

(and there are some heated pools for winter also),

62 spa rooms that offers relaxing getaway, 21,000 square-foot fitness center that features everything you need, including a 40-foot rock climbing wall.

The Venetian - pool The Venetian - swimming pool

Photo credit: Venetian

Within its huge property, The Venetian Resort offers so many dining options, but Bouchon by Thomas Keller should be your first stop,

and then Buddy V’s Ristorante by Buddy Valastro, and CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Sounds like a busy weekend, no?

The Venetian

Rates start from $149 in low season, and from $509 in high season.

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5. Bellagio

As hotel that’s opened in 1998, Bellagio might be old compared to all other fancy hotels, but it is considered as one of the best hotel on Vegas Strip, even famous for being the embodiment of Las Vegas luxury.

The elaborate Italian-themed courtyard is one of many highlights, with five swimming pools, elaborate sculptures, and fountains.

Contemporary features have been seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s traditionally luxurious environments,

keeping the property relevant and fresh, in addition to retro furnishings in among the marble and stunning glass chandeliers.

Bellagio - hotel Bellagio - hotel

Photo credit: TripAdvisor , MGM resort

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Rooms are sophisticated and contemporary, and are inspired by the water, light and nature.

The rooms start at 510 square-feet, and all have marble bathrooms with separate glass showers and soaking tubs.

Even their mini bar are equipped with some of seriously useful things, like a universal electronics kit packaged in nice Bellagio boxes.

Bellagio - Lily Bar and Lounge Bellagio - food

Photo credit: Lily Bar and Lounge at the Bellagio, Bellagio Las Vegas FB

Going out of your room, you’ll be charmed by the works of a dedicated team of horticulturalists in their Conservatory and Botanical Garden,

animatronic creatures and tens of thousands of flowers in each season.

Not to mention the famous Bellagio Fountains where more than 1,000 water cannons send sprays up to 460 feet high.

For entertainment and night life, the Cirque du Soleil show is based in the hotel’s theatre, or you can enjoy wonderful gallery of fine art.

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Bellagio - room Bellagio - bedroom

Photo credit: MGM Resorts, hospitalitynet


Rates start from $169 in low season, and from $514 in high season.

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6. Circa Resort & Casino

Still curious about our next candidate in our list of The Best Hotels in Las Vegas?

Here come the sixth (but not least extravagant than the other), Circa Resort & Casino is  one of only two adults’ only resorts in the Strip

and offers the splashiest thing to happen to Las Vegas in decades.

It’s famous for having Nevada’s longest bar and the largest sportsbook in the world,

as well as massive pool area facing a 40-foot-high HDTV screen devoted to professional sports watching.

Circa Resort & Casino - hotel Circa Resort & Casino - hotel
Circa Resort & Casino - pool Circa Resort & Casino - swimming pool

Photo credit: Circa Resort & Casino

Going into the bedroom, it probably not as luxurious as other hotel,

but the rooms are configured in different ways depending on whether you are traveling as a couple or as a group.

The contemporary vibe of the room is all heavy on functionality, and low on fluff.

Circa Resort & Casino - room Circa Resort & Casino - room

Photo credit: CNtraveler, Circa Las Vegas

All in all, this is the best hotel on Vegas Strip if you’re looking for some crazy nights out entertainment.

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Circa Resort & Casino

Rates start from $119 on low season and $599 on high season.

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7. The Cosmopolitan

Attractive to young, hip travelers that love shopping, dining and clubbing,

The Cosmopolitan Is one of the most stylish stays in Vegas, a place where most of the cool kids of Vegas go.

It’s the type of nomadic Millennials, where it’s Vegas this week, Ibiza next, and Coachella after that.

The Cosmopolitan - hotel The Cosmopolitan - hotel bar

Photo credit: Vegas Tour & Curtindo Vegas, Insider

This place is considered as one of the best hotel on Vegas Strip, as it has some of the best for entertaining facilities,

like all the great restaurants, cabanas at the club, pools, or even spa.

Not to mention the spacious rooms where you have lots of space to move around with its modern concept.

There’s a kitchenette, a mini-fridge, and microwave (even though t’s less likely of you to heat something).

The Cosmopolitan - pool The Cosmopolitan - outdoor room

Photo credit: Audleytravel

Check what they’ve been saying about The Cosmopolitan

If you want to have a relaxing day-out, you can enjoy your time in one of three pools that offers tree different daytime experience,

on-site spa that offers dozens of unique skin and body treatments, or Violet Hour Salon –the on-site beauty parlor, specializes in hair, nails, and makeup.

Of course after all that you’d better be doing what you supposed to do when you’re in Vegas.

It’s Vegas, baby!

The Cosmopolitan - room The Cosmopolitan - room

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Pointhacks

The Cosmopolitan

Rates starts from $117 in low season and from $279 in high season.

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8. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Lastly, in our list of Best Hotels in Las Vegas, we decide to recommend a family-friendly hotel in Las Vegas, due to its calmer location at the south end of the busy Strip.

The most amazing (and popular) facility in Mandalay is its amazing swimming pool!

Spanning over 11 acres, the pool selection at Mandala Bay include sandy beaches, a huge wade-in tidal pool, and a lazy river.

What’s not to love?!

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - hotel Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - hotel

Photo credit: TripAdvisor, TripSavy

Other famous feature of Madalay Bay is the Shark Reef Aquarium, a house to more than 2,000 animals and even will allows interested patrons to dive with 30 species of sharks.

Staying in the Strip but up for an adventure?

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - room Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - room

Photo credit: Mandalay Bay Resort

Just like the facilities provided in the hotel, there are lots of other room options at Mandalay Bay, and nearly all the rooms have been newly renovated.

With the spacious rooms come flat-screen TV, mini-bars, bathroom with separate tubes and shower.

Basically, just like other hotels, but slightly less luxurious.

However, if you’re staying in a hotel that’s famous for having a cool pool party, what is there not to enjoy ?

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Rates starts from $69 on low season, and $999 on high season

Book at the Best Hotel in Las Vegas here!

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