CoinMarketCap Airdrop Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER SECTION : TripCandy is fully responsible for selecting the winning participants who completed the steps for the TripCandy X CoinMarketCap Airdrop campaign. The winners will be announced on TripCandy website two week after the contest has ended and the Airdrop will be distributed the following week.

The number of CANDY (2.5M) stated on CoinMarketCap Airdrop is not fixed and will change according to the USD value of CANDY token and will be only be finalized on the date of Airdrop winner announcement.

The final number of CANDY per airdrop winner will also be determined on the date the winners are announced.
The formula used to calculate the the number of CANDY is as follows :
$20,000 USD / (Price of CANDY on date of announcement) / 1000 Winners

Distribution of Airdrop:
Winners of the Airdrop will be released on our Website and winners are to collect their CANDY tokens within 1 week from the date that winners are announced. TripCandy and CoinMarketCap will not be responsible for Winners who do not claim their CANDY tokens within that period and all unclaimed Airdrop tokens will be rolled over to our next event.

Holding of 777 or more tokens helps increases you probability or chance of being selected.
However, the person who doesn’t hold any CANDY in their wallet will also have chances to win the Airdrop.

Check our official channel or join our telegram chat to ask any question about the Airdrop.