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Click as many *”Start”* as you can!

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Step 1. Click on Twitter Button (close tab) Simply Styled Icon Set 731 Icons FREE, Twitter, Twitter logo, png | PNGEgg
Step 2. Click Website Button (close tab)  
Step 3. Click Telegram Button (close tab)  Telegram - Twitter Logo Vector Circle PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG
Step 4. Click Trade (close tab)     
Step 5. Click Favorite Button (refresh page) 

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 Step 1: Click To add TripCandy to your watchlist!

🍬 TASK 3/4 🍬

Step 1: Click the button above, and go to https://coinmarketcap.com/


Step 2: Search “TripCandy”, and click on it


Step 3: Add to Watchlist 

🍬 TASK 4/4 🍬

Step 1: Click the button above, and go to https://twitter.com/home


Step 2: Search any keyword or hashtag that will bring people to us, Etc above picture.


Step 3: Copy the shilling content & picture and paste below any post that you found
[ @Tripcandyio Team Doxed, Listed on @CoinMarketCap and @coingecko, partnership with Top Travel brands! Upcoming listing on @ProBit_Exchange & MVP Official launch in the coming days.
#Tripcandy #BSCGems ]