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Earn Up To 15% Crypto Cashback Rewards Each Time You Book An Accommodation

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What is TripCandy?

TripCandy is an accommodations booking platform that brings you great discounts via cashback rewards in the form of blockchain tokens, turning your bookings into lucrative investments.

How it works

For every booking, a percentage of the total sales will be returned to the user in the form of CANDY token. To fulfill this objective, TripCandy will buy CANDY tokens from the market, creating a perpetual and consistent demand. Thus, increasing the value of CANDY tokens over time.

In other words, the more bookings, the more demand there will be for CANDY tokens.

Users may also redeem earned CANDY tokens from TripCandy’s platform based on the current market price.

Our Moon Mission

To build the best accommodation bookings platform for cashback rewards.

Building a business complete with strong fundamentals and multiple built-in demand mechanisms that support CANDY token’s stored value for the long term and in a sustainable manner.

“… CANDY token is positioned as the preferred utility token for the accommodation booking industry serving the crypto community. This is not hard to imagine given the strong value propositions offered.”

– TripCandy, July 2021


Token Name: TripCandy
Token symbol: CANDY

Token Address:


Token Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Mintable: -N.A-
Burn: Automatic burn when there is an odd number of token per reflection distribution, the remainder tokens will be burned

There will be a 3% tax per transaction ( Buy/Sell )
•  1% will be distributed among all wallet holders
•  1% will be paid to the deployment operation wallet
•  1% will be added to the Liquidity Pool

*There will be 10% sell tax (split evenly as above) until TripCandy Platform accepts CANDY as payment.

Token Dividends

1% of all transaction ( Buy/Sell ) will be distributed among all wallet holders.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable and proactive business model to help increase token value

Demand Driven

Payment, cashback and dividends will drive more demand as TripCandy’s user base grows



Q2 2021
Private sale of tokens (Cap at 2%) • BlockAudit • Telegram group to 5k members • Airdrop application • Presale Launch Dxsale (10%) • Tier 1 - Pancakeswap listing • Partnership with top hotel brands • Partnership with key travel technological partners • CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing • Airdrop token release
Q3 2021
Marketing ( Press release, content, Social media ) • Telegram group to exceed 8k members • Booking Website MVP • TIER 2 - PancakeSwap release • Discord/Live streaming QNA with the team
Q4 2021
Launch Crypto payment gateway • Launch on 1st crypto centralized exchange • Viral Marketing • Telegram group to exceed 25k
Q1 2022
Booking site v2 launch • Marketing channel expansion • Mobile APP ( IOS /Android ) MVP • Introducing flights/insurance purchase options

Distribution of Tokens

CANDY tokens are allocated in accordance to our mission to grow the active user base to 10 million by 2025. We believe that TripCandy will be able to reach a critical mass of users shortly after launch.

* Presale allocation is based on softcap of 10%, hard cap would be double the amount from the reserves.

**liquidity pool allocation is including and not limited to a percentage from the reserves.

  • 25% Reserved for Marketing

  • 20% Reserved for Travel Rewards

  • 15% Reserved for Development

  • 9% Partnership Collateral

  • 10% Presale

  • 5% Founders And Team

  • 4% Advisors

  • 10% Liquidity Pool**

  • 2% Private Sales