Airport Hacks That Will Change Your Vacation Experience Pt 2

We certainly hoped you found the previous article on Airport hacks Pt 1 useful. If you haven’t already read it, you can do so here! After numerous requests, we have decided to throw in some fan favorites in our airport hacks pt 2. Enjoy!

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1. Waterproof bags

Although you are supposedly not supposed to bring liquids onto a plane, there are times whereby you might find yourself packing a leaky bottle; perhaps you spilled your Coke before boarding the flight or you forgot to cap your drink while rushing for the baggage aisle. Keep important documents like your passport or flight card in a ziplock bag to keep it smudge-free, less you like re-writing all your details onto that cramped little card again.

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2. Disinfect disinfect disinfect!

I guess this is needless to say, but carry some wet wipes with you. Being the hub whereby people from all walks of life converge, it might not exactly be the most sterile place. People might not treat the airport as their own home so expect dirty seats, tables, and etc. Carrying some disinfecting wipes not only keeps you hygienic, but lets you feel slightly more comfortable with placing your items on the table when you have a meal. Also, I’m sure with the latest pandemic, most people would’ve learned the importance of good hygiene…I hope.

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3. Night flight, quiet flight

Flights at night are usually less noisy, the human body tends to wind down at night which means less activity, kids are sleepy, and the crowds are smaller due to more closed retail outlets. There are lesser planes running around at night as well, which also means fewer travelers. It’s the perfect time to make sure all your belongings are in order and explore, making some airports definitely one of the best places to travel solo.

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4. Morning flights have less turbulence

If you get queasy easily, or just don’t like turbulence in general, consider making your flight in the early morning as storms tends to happen in the late afternoon. Another tip to reduce getting the bumps on the plane is to select your seat near the center, where the least movement is located.

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5. Coffee, tea, maybe not immediately

Applicable especially for those who like to travel by morning flight. Place on hold your favorite cuppa till you reach the airport and check-in. There are multiple reasons for this; you want as much time as possible to check your belongings, and you wouldn’t want to miss your check-in time just because you have to visit the toilet. Most check-ins have a 2-hour buffer before flight boarding so you can take your own sweet time to get your coffee while waiting, also it beats having to drag your luggage around with a hot cup in hand (since it’s already checked in).

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6. Relax, but not too relaxed

The airport is designed to make the user feel at ease and comfortable, but don’t let it get to you till you miss your flight. Make sure you keep track of your time no matter which part of the airport you are at as the airport can be a very large and confusing place at times, in certain cases, your departure hall might even be in a totally different building! If you are in the mood for a little airport exploration, then set aside extra time and plan your route, be sure to include buffer times to purchase some snacks for the flight as food ordered on the plane can be rather expensive.

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7. Pack your bags properly

And when I mean properly, I meant for ease of taking it apart and putting it back in again. You might never know when you will be asked for a bag inspection, especially upon arrival, and you certainly do not want to have to dig through your entire unmentionables just to reach that “suspicious” item at the bottom of your luggage. What I would suggest is to place anything electronic, or remotely metallic, near the opening of the luggage; that way if you are requested to re-scan your luggage, you can easily retrieve those items and put them on a separate tray if needed.

Part 2 of this pointer is to weigh your bags before bringing them along. This saves you a lot of time and money by not hogging up the check-in lanes trying to sieve some weight off your luggage or paying late fees for additional baggage space.

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8. Download the airline app

Most airlines have their own mobile app nowadays and some airports might not have flight status monitors displayed at every corner. So it might be in your best interest to download their app to see where your gate is located, or if the flight has been delayed. Some apps even allow you to set an alarm when nearing boarding time.

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9. Airport taxis are EXPENSIVE

When you touch down, try not to be tempted to book a taxi service directly from the airport. Chances are they will charge you extra. Instead, do your homework and sign up for an Uber account in your destination country or opt to travel via shuttle buses from the airport; not only do these options safer, but they also cost much less too, especially if your hotels are near your destination. To find hotels and accommodations at great deals, visit TripCandy’s booking platform for the best rewards!

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There you have it, just some tips on how to make your airport stay a pleasant one. Most importantly do your research and be mindful of the rules and regulations each airport possesses as they might not be the same. If push comes to shove, you can approach the airport staff for help as they are more than qualified to handle your questions. Make yourself comfortable, do not rush, and you will have a much better trip!

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