Things You Must Do Before Turning 30! Pt 2

Due to popular demand, we have decided to expand the list of things to do before hitting the big 3–0. Requests have it that we include some self-improvement tips as well as relationship-related suggestions. So here we go, part 2 of things to do before turning 30.

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1. Learn how to cook

This is no excuse, the advantages of learning how to cook are endless. Impress your friends, impress your partner, impress your family, impress your pet dog, etc. But seriously, cooking is not rocket science, you do not need to attend courses for the basics when you are spoiled for choices on YouTube. Pick something simple to start off with like pasta or a potato dish and work your way up from there. Not only does cooking build independence, but the process from picking ingredients to execution also teaches you how to finish what you started, which in some cases, can be very therapeutic.

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2. Go learn how to drink alcohol, properly

No, this isn’t an excuse to grab a 6-pack and chug away. There are many types of alcohol, start experimenting on the different kinds and you might find one that piques your interest. Research on the history and distillation process of the alcohol, or where it is made to boost your connoisseur level and not look like a total poser when drinking with your buddies.

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3. Start reading

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass.

The starter pack of immense knowledge. Reading does wonders to the body and mind, from boosting your imagination to building up communication skills and not to mention increasing your wealth of knowledge. Start on a reading list of books that interest you, they can be anything from science fiction to fantasy, reading keeps your brain keen and active which will indirectly make you a more aware person and helps you pick up new skills quicker and more effectively.

Pro-tip: if you don’t like wasting space on a bookshelf, get a Kindle or iPad and hit the e-books section!

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4. Go on a local road trip

This is different from traveling overseas on a vacation. Instead of learning about another country, why not start from home? There are bound to be places that you have yet to explore locally, doing so allows you to discover hidden gems that are right in your country’s backyard. Grab a local map and mark out certain places which might interest you, rent a car, pack your bags and go on a dream road trip to learn more about the very place you grew up in!

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5. Get something expensive which you always wanted

BEFORE YOU START GOING HAM…make sure that you can afford it first. What this pointer meant is to reward yourself for making it thus far in life, getting a proper job, having ambitions, experiencing ups and downs; they are all experiences worthy of a small gift to yourself. Eyeing that watch or phone? get it, as a reward for making it so far in life. But if you cannot afford it just yet, why not turn it into a personal goal of yours and save up for it? it just makes finally purchasing it, that much sweeter.

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6. Pick up an alternate form of income

You will never know when you might need it, or you can even use it to surplus your current job. Pick up a new skill set that allows you to make a small living out of it, whether be it content writing, photography, crypto investing, etc. Do something that can alleviate the burden of bills and fees on your shoulders, you’ll be surprised that there are some lucrative forms of investments out there that can really make a change in your wallet. Learn to turn that skill into a freelance project that can bring in some extra cash during your free time.

7. Learn to apologize

Face it, nobody likes to be wrong. But you will be surprised at how many problems can be solved by just saying sorry, and yet, be correct at the same time. Apologising opens up both parties to negotiation and reflection, more often than not, exposing the real truth behind the situation in a gentle and fair manner. Saying “sorry” also makes people respect you more, as you portray yourself as a mature person who is able to take a step back and be calm looking at the bigger picture.

8. Get off social media

The average person spends more than 160 minutes on social media PER DAY. That’s as long as watching Titanic! Imagine, instead of spending that much time on social media, mindlessly scrolling through images and videos which, face it, probably will not benefit your life in any way; spend that time socializing with someone new at your favorite cafe, or pick up a life skill such as cooking or trading — something that actually gives value to your life! You can achieve so much more then. To put things into perspective, 3 hours a day is approximately 1/5 of the time you spent awake.

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9. Plan a big birthday party

A commemorative event to top off this list. Give yourself a birthday to remember by the age of 30. You have come far in life and you deserve to mark it down with a blast, time passed will never return and if you haven’t had a surprise party, hint to your friends and they might just give you one. There’s nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

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