Travel Apps You Should Always Have

“I’m traveling lite…” you say to yourself as you hastily pack your backpack with a set of spare clothes, raincoat, toiletries, and your wallet; just to find yourself rushing from place to place because you didn’t plan properly. Even though going free-and-easy definitely has its perks, it doesn’t mean that you are making the most efficient use of your time. Here are some apps that can help make your trip a seamless and effortless one.


A really handy app for those with complex itineraries. Gone are the days where you have to pull out files after files of transport and accommodation documents, you can now combine them all under one app. It allows you to create a “Master” document for each trip and all you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to and it will do the rest; its like having your own personal assistant! Best part is, you can access this master file ANYWHERE even without an internet connection.


Nobody likes a jet-lagged vacation, that’s why you should give Timeshifter a go. Backed by the science of sleep and circadian neuroscience, Timeshifter helps create jet lag plans for you. Time to maximize your holidays jet lag-free!


One of the best ways to indulge in a good holiday is to live as the locals do. That is what Meetup is all about — connecting with the locals. Explore new lifestyles whether is it cooking, sports, music, or having a good time; Meetup helps you make friends with the very people who know the area best.


Another must-have if you are the type that love to live like a local. Airbnb allows you to search and find unique accommodations across the world, from small apartments to great suites and according to the duration of your choosing. There are lots of useful information on the selected accommodation, such as WiFi, number of bathrooms, beds, and etc. Not only that, you can communicate with the host and ask them any questions you might have in regards to the site. Definitely worth the look.


Can’t decide what to do or what to see during your vacation? Simply enter any landmark or address and Rome2rio will display information on hot activities to nearby accommodations and events. It also compares costs of getting around the land, making it easier on your wallet.


Nothing is worse than wasting time after taking the wrong turn and spending hours trying to navigate your way back. Waze gives you a simple-to-read map of the vicinity and the shortest route to your destination. It also warns you of hazards such as road blocks, accidents, and etc. On top of that, if you like to rent a car and drive around town, Waze has an inbuilt speedometer and uses live data to update your current location.


One of the most comprehensive flight comparison apps out there. Skyscanner lets you easily select flights and allows you to compare details such as arrival and departure time, transfers, and pricing. Another great feature is its “Everywhere” function which allows you to look for great deals by sorting out your budget and timeframe!


Our personal favorite and well not YET in app form, TripCandy allows you to have maximum savings when you book accommodations (and in the near future, flights). After a successful stay, you will be credited its proprietary CANDY token which can be cashed out to FIAT currencies or accumulated to offset your next booking, and with up to 15% cashback; it is easily one of the highest (if not highest) savings you can get!


An app just before you hire a cab and hit the runway. Packing for a trip can either be fulfilling or dreadful, depending on whether you remember to pack all that you need or not. With PackPoint, you now have an essential checklist of items you need to pack depending on the type of trip you are going for. All you need to do is input details of your trip and PackPoint creates a customized checklist based on whether your travel type is business or pleasure and the weather conditions your destination is currently experiencing.


An app widely suggested by many. Roadtrippers is a travel companion that lets you plot road trips and helps you discover attractions and accommodations along the way. You can even share your road plan with the people in your group so they have an idea of what to expect. The app helps find things such as parks, hotels, eateries, and even scenic points.


Paring with our previous mention. GasBuddy keeps your road trip vehicle gassed up and ready to go. It tracks the cheapest gas in the region and users can utilize their GPS to find the nearest station according to their location. Also, you can earn points by updating the station’s prices or location on the app which allows you a chance to win raffles held on the app.


Touching down at the airport sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. AtYourGate focuses on retail and services at the airport as you start exploring around. It helps track things such as food and supplies, to helpful tips such as the locations of power points and souvenir gift shops. It even allows you to order food and other selected items and have them delivered to your gate, lounge, or other location.

So those are our top picks for apps for your travel needs. As international travel will soon be reopening, feel free to give these apps a try and let us know what you think about them in the comments below! Also, if you have a recommendation for an app that should be on this list; do let us know and we will include them in the next tone! Cheers and have a sweet trip!

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