TripCandy. What Is It? And Why Should You Pay Attention?

A vacation, it’s probably on everyone’s mind ever since the COVID pandemic began. The feeling of stepping onto a plane, the rumble of the cabin as it touches down, and finally, a vast new world before you as you step out of the airport. We’ve been there, and that’s exactly what TripCandy is all about; the feeling of escapism…without burning a hole in your wallet.

Some might think TripCandy is some sort of airline or a miracle drug that makes you feel like you’re on holiday, it’s neither. What it actually is, is a business that has its sights set on disrupting the travel industry. Comprising of features such as high cashback, a fully doxed (public) team, and an attractive roadmap, it’s not surprising to say that TripCandy is poised to be a major player in the travel crypto industry. But before we smother ourselves with candy (pun intended), let’s dive right in and determine if this holiday treat (another pun) is as good as it seems.

Study the blueprints of the token

1. TripCandy’s foundation

Undeniably one of the reasons whether a company succeeds or fails is dependant on its people, and a key deciding factor of legitimacy is if the people behind it are doxed. Being doxed means that the team’s personal particulars (to a certain extent) are open to the public. Think Shark Tank, creators have to share about themselves to the potential panel of investors, you wouldn’t want to invest in someone you know nothing about, do you?

In that aspect, TripCandy’s founding team has willingly exposed themselves as well as their social media for all to see, and like a wonderful bag of Skittles; comprise of a colorful bunch of experts across many fields. The key player, however, is the main developer, with years of successful entrepreneurship experience under his belt AND being a top derivative trader in his former company to boot. Another common trait shared amongst the entire team, is that they all have either business or finance experiences in their line of work, which is a plus point in my opinion. No point in being a crypto expert but yet not know how to keep a company alive.

So far so good.

Make sure the promises are achievable and not all fluff

2. TripCandy’s promises

The company prides itself on being a utility-based token (tokens with ACTUAL use-cases, unlike many meme tokens) and poised itself to be the top-of-the-line accommodation booking service offering the highest crypto cashback possible. They also aim to make their token, aptly named “CANDY”, the de-facto token across the travel industry; allowing travelers to have a seamless experience purchasing travel-related goods and services. But can it deliver?

Short answer, yes.

Cashback offerings are nothing particularly new as many industries have them. What makes TripCandy so special, however, is their partnerships with big titles such as Expedia, Agoda, and, etc. Although unable to furnish contractual evidence of said partnerships due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, (which is normal; you don’t see Nike listing their partnerships with thousands of start-ups right?) having partnerships with the big brands allows for greater cost savings which they could then transfer to the customers via cashback of up to 15%. That is A LOT of cashback. Moreover, this cashback would be in the form of CANDY tokens, which they will buy from the market to reward customers. What this does is create consistent demand as long as people book accommodations through their partners; and with consistent demand, comes greater valuation for CANDY tokens. Clever girl!

Tokenomics-wise, they have implemented a limited taxed-based system, with sellers having high taxation costs in order to minimize dumping. This works in favor of longer-term legitimate investors and against gamblers who are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme, further fulfilling their promise of being a utility-based token. Only when their platform is fully functional, will the seller’s tax be lowered to facilitate easier acquisition among partnering brands.

Furthermore, creating a website encompassing travel-related goods and services is very achievable. All they have to do is secure partnerships with the appropriate services providers and Bob’s your uncle, and considering the fact that they managed to already secure 3 major accommodation partners, I’d say this goal is well within their reach. But of course, user interface and customer satisfaction are other topics by themselves, that will be further addressed when the platform officially launches.

It’s a long road ahead, but we’ll get there

3. TripCandy’s future

Being the top travel platform is no easy matter, but that doesn’t mean its impossible. In fact, with the recent COVID crisis it’s even more possible as the barrier of entry is lowered, making it easier for travel-related companies to operate as demand will undoubtedly grow as we move on from this pandemic.

This is what makes TripCandy so attractive, and it is also what their end goal is; logical, reasonable, achievable goals.

Standing out from the plethora of other tokens which mainly derive their value over empty hype and pumps/dumps, TripCandy emphasizes heavily on long-term growth and sustainability (sounds familiar? BTC, ETH, AAPL, GOOG, etc. cough cough). Their methods do not consist solely of banner spamming or throwing big money to influencers but instead to product development AND the development of their team and mods who are scalable assets that provide support and growth to the company. Not to mention they are CRAZILY stringent on their business expenses, which in my opinion is something that is lacking in the crypto world. I know I wouldn’t want my hard-earned money being used for just 10 seconds of celebrity talk time over Twitter.

4. Miscellaneous facts

Some interesting facts about TripCandy, that may or may not be crucial, but provides for some good reading.

Their previous iteration was called TravelCake and they achieved their presale goal of 2500 BNB within just 3 mins of launch, which was impressive. They successfully prevented a defective ex-member from rug-pulling and successfully transferred 100% of all holder’s funds (less the defective ex-member) to TripCandy, with the same value if not more. They got listed on CoinMarketCap (a major crypto database platform) within 4 days of TripCandy launch and got statistically listed on Coinbase (a major crypto exchange) within 5 days of launch. Pretty impressive track record.

Doesn’t look like much right now, does it?

In conclusion, it is rare to find such tokens when the social norm has skewed towards pump and dump schemes, putting TripCandy in a tight spot. This isn’t to say the company is doomed, quite the contrary. Their tokenomics are well-thought-out, the team comprises of individuals with the know-how on business and finance, features are attractive and achievable, together with the ongoing pandemic drawing to a foreseeable close and the rising adoption of cryptocurrencies into everyday life puts TripCandy in prime position to take center stage in the world of travel.

A diamond in the rough.

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