What is the Best Time to Book a Hotel?

It’s time to travel again! But hold on, you haven’t secured a hotel room for your trip? And now you’re stressing out about getting the absolute best deals, questioning when is the best time to book hotel accommodations. Well, in this article, we will take a look at different prime times to book a hotel depending on your criteria and flexibility! We do need to remind you that these are not hard rules set in stone, and may be subject to availability, the state of the economy, along with many other variables. Think of this more as a quick guide rather than a rule book!

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The Early Bird

This category largely applies to leisure travelers. People going on holidays usually know far in advance where and when they want to travel to a certain destination. Most hotels in the US open bookings for slots up to a year in advance, giving the perfect chance for early birds to snag up some deals. Early bird deals usually include many perks to attract and secure bookings for hotels, ensuring an early guaranteed revenue. These perks may include things such as hotel credit to spend at restaurants and shops, free upgrades to better rooms, discounts on multiple room bookings, free room service, or really just about any service, a hotel can throw at you to entice you to stay with them. Early bird deals are the best for leisure travelers who are planning far in advance, as with these deals more budget is freed up to spend on merch and food to spend during the holiday.

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The Last Minute

The last-minute travel strategy is one that brings great risk with great rewards. According to Skyscanner, the best time to book a hotel is 24h to 48h before the trip. Hotels give great discounts in a last-ditch effort to fill their rooms and pockets, sometimes at lower prices with better deals than the early-bird benefits discussed earlier. Of course, this strategy works better in cities with an abundance of hotels, such as Las Vegas, Paris(off-peak), the Caribbean(off-peak), and most other tourist-oriented destinations. When traveling outside of the holiday season, most hotels already offer lower prices than usual, coupled with the last-minute strategy, you can definitely snag up a great deal for a weekend getaway!

However, the huge caveat is that this strategy has a high chance of failure, especially if traveling to a small destination, or traveling during the peak holiday season where everyone secured their bookings months in advance. This strategy is the best for people looking for a quick weekend getaway to a nearby destination, and will not be too affected by cancellations or failures to book a hotel. Think of a day trip or a weekend getaway that can be reached by bus, train, or a quick cheap flight, rather than big-ticket holidays to prestigious destinations around the world.

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The Technical

Alright, so you want to know the specifics of when to book specifically? Well, the truth is nobody really knows, not even most hotels. Different sites speculate different days for peak and lowest prices for booking hotels, and even this varies by season. For example, travel booking and review site Tripadvisor suggests that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book a hotel, both for domestic and international accommodations, whereas, according to travel aggregator Kayak, the best day of the week to book a domestic hotel is Saturday, and the same is true for international travel on Fridays. Conversely, Kayak also reports that Tuesday is the most expensive day to book domestic travel and Sunday is the most expensive day for international hotels.

We personally think that early in the week, on Mondays and Tuesdays, are the best time to confirm a booking, as most people use their weekends to research and book hotels at their travel destinations, creating a surge in demand on the weekends that peak on Sundays and dip back down after the start of the new week. However, this is also subjected to how aggressively you search for hotels while researching, hinting to algorithms that you’re probably more willing and able to pay a higher price for hotels. As such, we also recommend using a VPN or even just your incognito tab while researching to prevent websites from keeping cookies and tracking your browsing history, giving you lower prices than if you used your normal browser.

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How to Book a Hotel With Great Deals

Now that we’ve covered when to book a hotel, let’s now cover how to book a hotel. With so many choices of hotel booking sites, you may find yourself at a loss for which website to use. This is why we recommend using TripCandy. TripCandy allows you to earn up to 15% crypto cashback rewards each time you book an accommodation. TripCandy will buy CANDY tokens from the market, creating a perpetual and consistent demand to ensure that your CANDY will always reward you the next time you make a booking. Book your next trip on TripCandy HERE, or, alternatively, you can learn more about the technical details HERE.

Thank you for reading our article on when you should book your hotel and safe travels ahead!

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