TripCandy 1st AMA (9/7/2021)

New Brand Name:

We are happy to announce that we have decided upon the new name for our upgraded token, TripCandy, and our token symbol will be $CANDY. As such, we will be rebranding ALL social media platforms as well as messaging platforms to reflect our new brand and logo. Please give us sometime to roll out the new changes.

Token Name: TripCandy
Symbol: CANDY
Contract Address: 0x639ad7c49ec616a64e074c21a58608c0d843a8a3
Bscscan link:
Twitter: tripcandyio
Instagram: tripcandyio

New Tokenomics:

In regards to Tokenomics, due to additional new features such as Liquidity Pool Injection, our buy and sell tax is now at 3% and will be calculated as such…

  • 1% will be distributed among all wallet holders
  • 1% will be paid to the deployment operation wallet
  • 1% will be injected into the liquidity pool

Our 3% fee for buyers and anti-dump tax of 10% will still apply for sellers, until our platform has fully launched (with the capability to accept $CANDY as payment option)

Transfering of tokens:

We are sure many of you are asking about token price and distribution. We will be clearing the OLD LIQUIDITY POOL ($TVL) in order to facilitate transfer of the new tokens to your wallet, rest assured that wallet holders will be receive the same amount of $CANDY as $TVL,

Do take note that when we are clearing the Liquidity Pool on the 15th of July. There will be a sharp drop in the old token price on Dextool and poocoin. The price drop of $TVL will not affect the launch price of the $CANDY token (approx. US$0.003*/CANDY or 100,000 CANDY/BNB)

For wallet holders, there are no further action needed on your end as all $CANDY tokens will be airdropped to you accordingly as per the snapshot taken of your $TVL wallet details, this airdrop will happen during the same period and time of the new token launch.


We will be having a Fair Launch for TripCandy and this will go straight to PancakeSwap. We expect to see new highs with the release of the new chart and we have plans in place to help facilitate growth which will be announced on the next AMA which will happen in about a week’s time, so please tune in for more info. We do not intend to conduct another pre-sale as we currently have enough funds from our previous raise and we want to keep it fair for our current investors.

There might be other tokens with similar name or brand to TripCandy. However, we have USPs that will stand out from the competition. Please be careful of “fake” TripCandy tokens which might appear to confuse investors; please follow instructions on our official website or messaging platforms ONLY.

MVP Demo:

Our MVP has made great progress in terms of development despite the recent fiasco. I hope to be able to showcase a simple demo of our MVP by the next AMA. A summary of what our MVP is to entail; MVP allows any payment methods that our partnering companies accept (i.e. FIAT), do take note that $CANDY tokens may be used for purchases ONLY after our FULL PLATFORM is ready. The development of the MVP is outsourced, but Jeremy will be closely monitoring the process

Marketing Plan:

Needless to say, we have not abandoned our marketing plans. In fact, we have spent this time planning and executing our pre-marketing plans. We cannot disclose any details as of yet, but if you have any influencers which you find ideal, please reach out to @JustinPeng0.

Thank you and we look forward to your support.