TripCandy 2nd AMA (17/7/2021)

Pancake Fair Launch for TripCandy (CANDY tokens):
Date: 24/7/2021
Time: 3 P.M ( UTC )
Price: 100,000 Candy / BNB

Candy Airdrop:
-All Wallet holders (Excluding those who are blacklisted) will automatically receive the new CANDY tokens via Airdrop. For holders with less than $1 in value of CANDY, we will require you to DM our CANDY moderators to request your tokens.
-Airdrop will be done within the same period of Pancakeswap Launch.

Please add this Contract Address (CANDY) into your Trust wallet or Metamask:

Old TVL tokens:
It cannot be traded. Thus, you can keep the old TVL tokens as souvenirs.

TVL Liquidity Pool:
There is a significant price drop of TVL as we have to drain the Liquidity that will be used to prepare for the New Liquidity Pool for CANDY. Do not be alarmed as this price drop does not affect the price launch of CANDY Tokens.

Marketing Strategy:
-We will be officially starting marketing this week to prepare for the CANDY launch.
-We will be putting up contests to generate more awareness for our CANDY launch and to drive more demand for CANDY tokens.
-We will be getting influencers from Twitter (with their own contest) and Youtubers to promote our token.
(There will be no TikTok influencers as Tiktok has banned any form of crypto advertising)
-Telegram members are expected to grow rapidly this week for the upcoming Pancakeswap launch.

Application to Exchanges:
We will be applying to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap with better odds of getting into them.

New Stickers:
-Our telegram will be displaying our new sticker packs made by Henrico (one of our creative community mods)

Product Minimum Viable product:

– 1st of August, we will be opening up beta testing for our product.
– Official date of the product launch will be on the 8th August 2021 (ETA 12:00 PM )

What is the CANDYback Program? Is it auto buyback?
The program does not refer to the auto selling of tokens and then buying it back later, which most meme tokens have. It is rather pointless because they are selling now just to buy back later. It also charges additional and pointless Gas fees for those transactions. Likewise, this system can be tracked and front-ran by people who are watching the contract.

The CANDYback program comes from the businesses on our booking platform and does not derive from the transactional taxes from buying and selling.
Our CANDYback program brings in new cash flows, which is the true way of implementing a buyback program.

What is the starting Market Cap?

Based on the current BNB price ($300), the starting market cap is estimated to be $3 million.

Is there is a burn function?
There are no auto-burn functions but only natural and organic burn per reflection.

Will there be a lot of tokens given out during the contest?
It will be adequate enough for them to not lead to a massive sell-off, but rather, it would encourage them to buy more.

What is the tax for the new CANDY Token?
There is a 3% tax on all transactions ( Buy/Sell ).
-1% will be distributed to all holders
-1% to deployment wallet ( Marketing/Operations )
-1% to Liquidity Pool
*There will be 10% sell tax (split evenly as above) until TripCandy Platform accepts CANDY as payment.

Will there be any Presale?
No, there will not be any presale. Only a Fair Launch.
The reason is that we have enough marketing funds for this project.