TripCandy AMA Update 30/7/2021

Milestone covered since Launch on 24/7/2021 :

We managed to get into:
– TrustWallet
– Coingecko
– CoinMarketCap
All within 3 to 4 days from launch.
(We will be getting into BSCscan in the next 24 hours)

We managed to hit a high of US$0.0205 per CANDY, translating to a $20.5 million marketcap.

Achievements :
Top 1 for Growth for CoinMarketCap
Top 5 for Top Views for CoinMarketCap
Top 25 for Trending for CoinMarketCap
4241 Candy holders
2 – 3 visits to our website every minute.

Marketing Plans:
Long-term sustainable marketing – Ads that stay on the internet forever
We will be doing youtube coverage, public relations (Example: cointelegraph, coindesk, newsbitcoin, bitcoinmagazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc), and moving away from short-term marketing – Ads that are Pay per click that appears only as you pay.

These pay-per-click ads are highly expensive. For example, Poocoin charges as high as $1 per impression or $1000/CPM.
We will still be doing Poocoin and coinsniper ads. However, we will be toning down and moving away from it gradually.

Once our MVP product has launched, we will utilize new channels to market that cost way less than poocoin; such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and TikTok. These channels do not allow any form of marketing for crypto coin/token promotions. However, as a product, we will be able to market in these channels; giving us a boost in exposure for our tokens.

Getting into the Chinese market:
We will definitely break into the Chinese market only when several factors (not disclosed) are in place.
We have already opened up new telegram groups for the Chinese community to prepare for that market penetration.

MVP development Beta:
We are opening up beta-testing for selected applicants on the 1st of August.
We will select applicants based on factors such as the number of CANDY owned, and have the strength of industry background knowledge.
Only 5 -6 people will be selected and we will require you to doxx yourself as we will be working closely with you.

We aim to launch the MVP product publicly on the 8th of August provided that the majority of the bugs are fixed and settled.