TripCandy FAQ

Got a question about TripCandy and our outstanding team? Let us answer it!

TripCandy Project

1. What makes TripCandy different as a token?

TripCandy is a utility token. Unlike meme tokens, where the target is just to make a quick dollar, TripCandy aims to be utilized, specifically in the travel industry. We want TripCandy to be a mainstream form of currency when doing anything travel related, such as, but not limited to, booking hotels, buying travel insurance, booking flights and using a travel credit card. 

For the same reason, some investors may be upset at how slowly TripCandy’s price is changing. We hope to seek your understanding that price isn’t our main concern as we are always focused on developing products that are intuitive and easily used by anyone, rather than to pump our prices up.

2. What marketing has been done up to this point? 

TripCandy’s marketing has always been on-going, promoting our product development (TripCandy’s booking platform), advertisements, and influencer and celebrity endorsements. The only variable is how aggressively we market ourselves in each period.

We time the executions of our promotions, such as competitions and airdrops, to align with upcoming milestones to maximise their impact. A quick summary of our marketing plans are discussed in our AMAs, so be sure to check it out!

We are also aware of competitors trying to copy our marketing techniques, which is why we must keep most of our marketing strategies confidential. We apologise and seek your understanding on this front.

3. Why is TripCandy not aggressively marketing?

The TripCandy team’s current focus is on developing our booking platform. TripCandy will definitely start aggressively marketing towards the lead up to the release of our full booking platform, in order to bring in new users and investors to try out our product.

4. What are the marketing plans for TripCandy following the launch of the full booking platform, and for the future?

After the launch of our full booking platform, we will focus on user acquisition and attracting early adopters of our platform, namely crypto users who travel often.

In the long run, our focus will be on increasing the proportion of transactions completed in the travel market to be on TripCandy.

5. Why is the price of $CANDY falling ? 

Rest assured that the recent drops in price for CANDY are temporary and CANDY will return to a positive trend soon. Our CANDY team is hard at work behind the scenes to prepare new marketing campaigns and products to boost the number of CANDY investors, as well as CANDY’s price. You can also seize this opportunity to buy more CANDY at a discounted price!

6. What is the long term price target for $CANDY? 

There is no fixed target for pricing. $1USD is a good first benchmark as it would give $CANDY a token valuation and marketcap of $1b. We believe that this is a very realistic goal as the travelling industry is worth $1.6 trillion dollars annually, which allows multiple billion-dollar booking platforms to operate within the same space.

This initial goal will also enable TripCandy to grow our funds and token valuation, enabling us to start aiming towards our ultimate goal of creating our own payment system. We don’t have a specific price target, but we are confident that it will be worth a lot due to the huge demand for $CANDY.

7. Why is the sell tax so high? 

TripCandy imposes a 10% sell tax, distributed evenly between our deployment wallet, the current liquidity pool, and among all wallet holders of $CANDY, until the TripCandy booking platform accepts $CANDY as payment.

There is no buy or sell tax when transacting on Probit, but there is a 10% tax for transferring $CANDY into and out of Probit. Probit $CANDY holders do not get reflections.

8. Why are there no new investors?

Right now, TripCandy is in a lull period where more of the work is being focused on behind the scenes effort in trying to develop our full booking platform. Once the platform is up, there will definitely be a large influx of investors as we market our product to the general public, attracting users outside of crypto traders and investors!

9. Why are there such huge wallets on BSCScan?

TripCandy currently has a massive reserve and deployment/operations wallet; 

–   73%: Reserved for marketing & LP

o   Reserves will help us raise marketing funds in the future (55%)

o   LP injection (18%)

o   Locked for 2 years, vesting schedule

–   5%: Developer/Team wallet 

o   Locked for 2 years, vesting schedule

o   Team Wallet

§  Compensation for the work the TripCandy team has put into the project

–   6%: Current Pancake Swap LP

o   Locked for 6 months

10. Is there a burn mechanism for TripCandy, and how much $CANDY is burnt?

TripCandy doesn’t actively practice token burning. However, there is a very minimal number of tokens burnt automatically when there is an odd number of tokens per reflection distribution.

TripCandy Platform/Product

1. What is an MVP?

An MVP stands for minimal viable product. It is the simplest form of our booking platform, where our investors and customers can book accommodations and get $CANDYback (cashbacks in the form of $CANDY tokens). Our MVP is also a platform that allows investors to utilize our partnerships early to start getting $CANDYback.

2. Do we only receive $CANDY as a form of cashback? Am I able to receive other forms of cryptocurrencies?

We only award cashback in the form of $CANDY. This is because our business model includes buying $CANDY back from the market after every booking. This drives our demand and hence our token value, so the more people use $CANDY the more it’s worth!

3. Can I book accommodations with $CANDY?

Currently on our MVP, you can book hotels and earn $CANDYback, and withdraw that $CANDY to your personal wallet. However, you will not be able to book hotels with $CANDY until our full platform releases in approximately 3-6 months.

4. Can we pay with $CANDY or fiat?

Our full platform will accept both fiat and crypto as forms of payment. This means that you are not restricted to only transacting in $CANDY, but do note that credit cards will still charge 2.4-3.9% in fees when booking.

5. Can you show me proof of partnerships with Booking, Agoda, and other travel sites? Are the partnerships legit?

All partnerships signed with TripCandy are under non-disclosure agreements, so unfortunately, we cannot share the details of our partnerships. However, you can validate our partnerships by simply logging into or registering on our MVP website here! For every trip you book on our MVP, your $CANDY tokens will be reflected in your connected wallet within 2-3 days.

6. Is TripCandy going to increase their number of partnerships?

100% yes! As we expand, we aim towards capturing more of the travelling and tourism market. As such, we will definitely try to partner as many related companies as possible, ideally all of them.

Miscellaneous Questions

1. Can I be a $CANDY mod?

There are certain requirements to meet before a candidate is considered:

a) They need to be investing in $CANDY 

b) They’re required to be fully doxxed (including a video call for verification by the $CANDY team)

c) There are quite a number of additional criteria that must unfortunately remain undisclosed.

2. When moon?

When you buy more $CANDY!

3. Do we have Telegram groups for different regions or languages?

Yes, we do! We are also looking to expand our regional Telegram groups, so please join your related regional chats below! – Singapore, Malaysia + South East Asia

新加坡、马来西亚 + 东南亚 – Chinese Members 中文群
中国会员 中文群 – Brazil

巴西 – Indonesia

印度尼西亚 – Turkey

土耳其 – Iran

伊朗 – India


4. Where does TripCandy see itself in 5 years?

Right now, we are creating a product that will spearhead the ability to book hotels with $CANDY and other cryptocurrencies. Afterwards, we will expand towards the ability to book flights, cruises, attractions, and other travel-related experiences aside from just hotels.

After stabilising our presence in the crypto travel industry, we will work towards changing TripCandy to a coin in order to create our own payment system. Eventually, we will look towards creating our own $CANDY credit/debit card that allows quick and easy conversion of fiat to $CANDY and vice versa. You will be able to use these cards for the payment of goods and services globally, skipping on pesky conversion fees since all transactions will be done in $CANDY.

5. How would you compare TripCandy to Travala?

TripCandy and Travala both operate within a similar space and industry.

Travala focuses on the ability to make payment with crypto for purchases in the travel industry, whereas TripCandy aims to create our own ecosystem of users, with $CANDY as the main form of payment.

TripCandy is also more focused on the customer experience, as our vision is to make crypto investing as fun and seamless as possible for everyone, and to try and eliminate any pain points of using booking sites. Travala is definitely important to tripCandy as they are the current benchmark in the crypto travel industry, which also shows us that we are headed in the right direction! The tourism industry is massive enough for both of our companies to coexist.